Monday, December 8, 2008

Love Finds You in Miracle Kentucky

Meghan has a lot to learn about Christians and belonging to God. The winding road to Miracle leads through fertile hills of change. Perhaps more change than Meggie can handle.

It all begins with her grandmother. Loretta offers a place to stay when Meghan is accepted as the new teacher at a charter school for gifted kids. When her grandmother gives in to the notion of match making Meghan isn’t sure she’s ready, but who can say no to Grams?

The year ahead is filled with adjustment, strife and reconciliation. Meghan could have never known that coming to Miracle would indeed be a miraculous journey into life and love.

Andrea Boeshaar has presented us with a wonderful story. We’ve all wondered what we would do if we had to start over. For the first time Meghan is truly free, but how to use that freedom? Read for yourself, you won’t be sorry.

Love Finds You in Miracle Kentucky
By: Andrea Boeshaar
Summerside Press
ISBN-10: 1-934770-37-X

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love Finds You in Snowball Arkansas

True love comes in many shapes and sizes. Much to our chagrin it also comes in surprising ways. Lucy is tired of waiting! She signs up for a retreat and ends up doing things she’s never dreamed of, all to get the attention of the man of her dreams.

Determined to make this trip worthwhile she throws herself into it with abandon, knowing it could change her life. Just thinking about spending all those hours with Justin has her planning things she had never given a thought to before.

When things go wrong and she ends up looking like a klutz Lucy tries to keep her hopes alive. But who would want to take the time to get to know such a clumsy girl. Surely, Justin, the perfect sportsman wouldn’t want to ruin his trip hanging out with such a loser.

Will Justin find out how much fun Lucy is to be around? Will Lucy find love in Snowball Arkansas? Read for yourself, I can assure you it is a snowy sleigh ride of laughter and fun.

Ms. Bricker has written a story that shows all the hope of a young girl in love. It also shows the spiritual growth of a girl who is willing to continually seek God and His will in her life, in spite of what she wants. Well done.

Love Finds You in Snowball Arkansas
By: Sandra D. Bricker
Summerside Press
ISBN-10: 1-934770-45-0

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Which Came First, Forgiveness or Love?

So very often I get this feeling of guilt, an overwhelming sense that I’m not worthy. There is so much to support that thought; the many failures in my life, the fact that my thought patterns can run rampant and drive me from project to project during the course of the day, so easily side tracked that staying on focus is practically impossible, etc.

But God, through His infinite love and provision always draws me back to Himself. Of all the things He uses the top four are; family, friends, Bible studies and prayer. He speaks in so many ways, His voice always calm. Drawing from me the desires of my heart, of course He already knows but He wants me to ask. Lately my prayer time has been sporadic at best.

Those feelings of guilt and frustration over my inability to complete my list to my satisfaction can keep me away. But God is faithful. He is always there waiting when I return to my quiet place. He takes my fears and removes them, filling me with His peace and reminding me that I am His.

I can trust God to use me where I am, no matter how I may feel about myself and my inadequacies. And that puts a smile on my face and joy in my heart. To know that He is in control and will use me in some way daily for His glory puts joy in my day and gives my life purpose.

So, knowing how forgiveness came to our world, we must say “Love came first.” For God is love. I am convinced that everything in our lives, as Christians, comes back to that love. Even when we go through things we don’t like or don’t understand, when we reach the other side we can look back and see God’s love.

Remembering that God will convict our hearts when we sin, we must also know that He will not condemn us. We are His and He loves us, with an everlasting love. “We are now therefore under no condemnation…” So when guilt comes to condemn we must reject it, praise God for the ways He is using us and trust that in His hands we will accomplish what He has put us here to do.

So, walk through those valleys with your heart set on Him. Let His love fill you and flow from you, expect something wonderful to happen in your relationship to Him. Though the walls of the valley may be so steep they block out all light, His light will shine through us. Nothing can quench His light. His love always shines through.

Heavenly Father, we praise You and thank You for Your faithfulness. We thank You for Your love that never fails. And we trust You to use us for Your glory. In the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Review of "A Constant Heart" by: Siri Mitchell

Groomed her whole life for marriage to a gentleman, a man she has never met, Marget despairs of ever having the love of her husband. The Earl of Lytham, doomed to marriage to a beauty is filled with fear. For surely fear drives Lytham's need to shun his lovely bride.

Siri Mitchell creates a world filled with attention to detail. British Royal Court comes alive with the Courtier’s elegance. Beautiful Victorian era jewels, lace, silk and ruffs in attendance, designed with the desire only of pleasing the Queen, as each Courtier seeks Her Majesty's favor.

Marget struggles to learn exactly what is required of her, in order to further the Earl of Lytham’s place at Court and so earn his attention for herself. Station is everything at the Queen’s Court, though treachery may befall at any moment.

An engaging read indeed. Much is woven through this story of seeking that illusive thing that will bring unity to a marriage. Well done Ms. Mitchell.

A Constant Heart
Siri Mitchell
Bethany House
ISBN # 978-0-7642-0431-9

Monday, September 29, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Forced evacuation is no fun, especially when at the end you can’t return as quickly as you wish. Though my reasons for delay were necessary and though I was glad to stay and take care of my parents, who were sick, I still yearned to be home with my family, to see for myself that all was well and that my sweetheart, who had to stay at work, was really alright.

The ache was deep and could have distanced me from my circumstances and my responsibility. Making it through the days ahead depended on my ability to give everything to God. He was my source for peace and strength.

Now that I am home and things are getting back to normal I can see how His hand kept me calm when all I wanted to do was sit and cry. Our God is faithful. He is the source of everything we need. When things are out of our hands and we don’t feel able to cope He will take over, if we ask.

We left, our son, Patrick and I, on Sept. 11th at 9 AM. Pat came home on the 15th. I returned on the 22nd to a place that was changed from a shady quiet street to a sunny street with constant noise of chain saws, huge brush removal vehicles and stump grinders.

Pictures on TV of outlying areas in Galveston, Chrystal Beach, & Chambers County show some of the devestation. There are those in Baytown who have lost everything, their homes and possetions, but if you talk to them they will tell you that they are blessed to be alive and whole, things can be replaced.

Thank You Lord for carrying me through, for keeping our family and home safe, for being with our friends and neighbors, may we never forget that You are the source of our every need. I praise You, Lord, may all be for Your glory. In Jesus name I pray, amen & amen.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Review of "Hill Country Christmas" by: Laurie Kingery

When you have very little, and you lose your only living relative what do you do? Delia Keller turns to the God, He’s the only one who can help her. Circumstances continue to change for Delia. Not only is she a poor girl, having to sell eggs to get the basics to live on until the weekend is over and she can seek employment, she is an orphan.

When Jude, sent to tell her of her father’s death, delivers the rest of her father’s message Delia is shocked. Finally able to grasp the fact of her wealth Delia decides to build a home of her own, one that doesn’t have a leaky roof and with plenty of room for guests. While she makes plans for her new life Jude Tucker continues to run from his past.

Jude plans to fulfill his mission and head back to the mines in Nevada and the obscurity he finds there. He is convinced that he wouldn’t be welcome in this little town, nor by the beautiful girl whose father had been his boss and friend. But God has other plans for Jude.

Laurie Kingery has done a wonderful job of bringing life to the story of Delia and Jude in Hill Country Christmas. The things these characters face are commonplace, particularly in the 19th century, and each event needs God’s calming presence. Traversing troubled waters to find blessing is nothing new to Christians. What's important are our attitudes and the way we treat others as we travel through those dangerous currants. Ms. Kingery has done a great job building characters with spiritual strength who seek God even as they doubt themselves. Hill Country Christmas is a great read.

Laurie Kingery
Steeple Hill
Love Inspired Historical
ISBN # 13:978-0-373-82798-5

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Canvas

The day stretches ahead like a huge blank canvas. What will I fill it with? Lately my days have been pretty blank, with line sketches and maybe a patch of color here or there. Realizing today that I have a choice as to how it is filled makes me realize that too often the colors I use are bleak, watered down versions of the bright, vibrant colors that could grace the canvas if I would just start with God.

It puzzles me that anyone would choose to start their day without the Lord. And that I would make that choice is more puzzling still. I only do this when I’m stressed, burdened or depressed. This time I think I’m just tired from our vacation. But you can only do so much resting up. Then again perhaps the rest would do me more good if I started the day with the Lord. I’m not saying that I have neglected prayer, I pray constantly from the time I get up until I go to bed and every time I wake up at night. I pray for family, friends, pets, work, our country, all the soldiers and their families. Protection, direction, provision and healing are just a few of the things I pray for.

More than anything I want to be better, be more obedient, be healthier, be more available, and I know that God alone can help me do these things. What I need to realize is that God’s plan may not hold all of these things for me. I may struggle with weight for the rest of my life. I may have to wait ten more years to be published. God may have something totally different in mind for me. The sooner I give my; day, life, thoughts and efforts to Him the better.

I praise God that the canvas of my day may be a blessing to others no matter what colors, or lack thereof, cover it. That He is with me is something I will forever be grateful for. Even on those bleak days when the canvas remains blank I can praise my Father and thank Him for His presence.

May you feel His loving presence today, and may the canvas of your day reflect that presence to all who come in contact with you. God bless!

Friday, August 15, 2008

How Great Is Our Father’s Love!

I’ve been reading a lot of loop emails from ACFW, and it came to me just how much I have to learn. At first I felt overwhelmed with all the technical and composition information I don't know, but after reading to the end of the page, where I had pasted three days of the digest, I realized every writer has to learn these things. That was encouraging.

I was so moved that I decided to send a letter to the loop, something I rarely do. In return I received encouragement and support from a host of members, who’ve been there. What a humbling experience it is to receive such a gift from my Father. I know it was He who inspired me to send that letter and I know He is leading those who respond.

How wonderful to know He loves me so much, to feel His presence inhabit the words of others, to know that the plan He has for me will be fulfilled. I don’t need to know the date or how it will happen or even who will be affected by my work. Just to know I am being used is an amazing gift.

How is God showing His love to you today?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Storm

Wow, we had a close call. It seams these storms from the gulf get closer every year. I am so thankful this was a small one. I wonder, what is it about storms that put us on edge?

Is it the realization that we have a lot to do to prepare? Or the possibly of leaving our homes to come back much later to a pile of rubble? Maybe the biggest thing storms do is bring to light the fact that we aren’t in control.

We walk through this life; working, caring for our families, visiting friends and family, helping others, going to church, taking vacations, making plans for the future when if we allow ourselves to admit it we have no control over any of these things. God allows us to live and do these things. He even blesses us with some of our dreams; travel, time with family, work, ministry, good friends, grandchildren, dream homes, etc.

What would happen if it was all gone in one day? If we were left on this earth with no family or possessions? Would we think God failed us? I know that if it happened to me I would be devastated. I would find it hard to go on, but I also know that if God allows hardship he will provide the very thing that will help me get on with His plan for my life.

Bad things do happen, but that doesn’t make God any less; God, creator, provider, Father. I can see that I would have to hold onto God with both hands if my world was so shaken. We have no guarantee that it will not happen to us one day, but we do have the promise that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. And we must trust Him to bring us through.

In the meantime; I am determined to ask Him to remove all of those things that hinder His will in my life. I’m tired of all the clutter in my life, you know, all those things I participate in that He hasn't ordained as well as the "stuff" I've accumulated that I don't need. I want what He wants. Let’s see what He moves or removes.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Okay, it’s confession time. I’m a writer who has been off track for two years. I thought I was back on track, but have realized that I’ve been lying to myself and everyone else.

No wonder I am so frustrated with life. No wonder I struggle to accomplish anything during my long days home alone. I have lied to myself about the problem and now that I am able to admit it I can see where that has caused more problems with my life.

I lost the joy of keeping our home and cooking for my family. I lost the creative abilities that carried me through thirty two of our thirty four years, making suppers and desserts and special breakfasts. Why? I allowed grief to claim my heart and I retreated from life. I blamed being stuck home alone with no car or “The Change” for many of my problems. Don't mistake me, they did cause problems. Those things may have made life more difficult but they weren't the main problem.

This is where God's word comes in, it says in Matt. 10:26 "...there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known." God will always bring to light those things that hinder His will in our lives.

Those three losses in about 18 weeks took a heavy toll. I trusted God to get me through, and He has, I just didn’t expect it to take this long. I am so grateful that our Father knows exactly what we need and when. I thank our Lord for walking with me through this long valley, for helping me to navigate the treacherous paths that were often hidden by a fog, or at least a foggy mind.

What joy to know He cares so much and brought Bible study back into my life. God is growing me and I am ready to rejoin the working, ministering, writing world. It will be exciting to see what is ahead. And I know I won’t be walking the road alone.

There will still be rough places along the way but I know that my Father will be with me. He will even prepare the way before me. Thank You, Lord may all praise and honor and glory be yours. In Christ name, Amen.

God bless you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Expectations

Life is funny. Just as you get settled into a routine, thinking that things are going to be this way for awhile, life throws you a curve. Just as you get busy with those things God has for you to do He changes the setting.

Have you experienced God moving in your life in a powerful way? Have you had Him tell you that things are going to happen? Does that make you feel hesitant? Does it give you a great hope and joy in your heart? How do you deal with it? What do you do while you wait?

I am going through that right now. I know that God is going to use me in this new place, and I am getting excited. Even now Satan is trying to put doubt in my mind and cause me to fear that it will not happen. I will not doubt, but trust in God’s leading.

Praise God for what is ahead. Praise God for today. Praise God for our years in this place, for what we’ve learned and the people He has provided as friends. I know His provision for the future is sure and I look forward to the things He has already set in motion for us.

Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow. May you feel His blessing today and every day!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Shadow of Danger

Rachel has been an orphan all her life when danger threatens to steal any hope she has for a future. Tossed out of the only home she’s ever known, Rachel struggles with why God would allow this to happen, as she flees in fear.

Rachel is hanging on to her faith by a thread when she finds herself without money, food or strength to continue. Being rescued by her true love, Rachel finds herself an unwelcome guest of his hostile fiancé. Will she find rest and peace in Leadville, Colorado?

An enjoyable read this story is action packed. Ms. Leach has done a wonderful job of weaving God’s love and care into this story while showing how humans can make mistakes and misread situations. This exciting story will have you turning pages to see what happens to Rachel next. Well done Jeanne Marie Leach!

Shadow of Danger
By: Jeanne Marie Leach
Mountain View Publishing
ISBN 978-1-932695-68-7

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do You Believe?

Really? Do you really believe that you belong to God? I know I do, but sometimes I get side tracked by thoughts that would keep me from living like a believer. Such as;

Doubt: That sarcastic voice in my head saying things like; “You can’t do that, or “You’ll never get published, or “What makes you think you’ll succeed, you don’t even have a degree.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

Fear: Of failing, succeeding, letting my family down, and letting down all those who have been praying for me all this time. Fear; of rejection, of all those things that could harm us or of not fulfilling God’s plan for me.

Worry: This one I battle daily, more on my family’s account than my own. But I do recite Phil. 4:6-7 often. “Be anxious for nothing, but in all things through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be made known to the Lord, and the peace of God that passes all understanding will guard you hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Did you know it is a sin to worry?

As a Believer; we/I should turn immediately from these obstacles and turn to God for His word on the subject. I must remember that I belong to Him. I was bought at a great price. I can trust that God will bring me through and that, the victory being already won by Christ, I can trust to being used for His glory.

Praise God!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Write Way

Being Christians, we all know the Source of our needs. When in ministry we must remain close to Him; so we can hear His voice, so we can know His will, so we will remember where to go for strength, renewal,inspiration and all the other things we need.

Writing takes a lot of energy and effort. If we are to be diligent in our work we must reach out to God daily. His love for us and care for our needs is so great and this is a humbling thought. We must not let those thoughts keep us from seeking Him. Remember, Christ made us worthy.

We don't often take note of the things we need for our daily lives or the protection, direction and strength it takes just to get through our day. There is more, we must maintain a sensitive spirit and seek God in every thing. The list also includes seeking Him; for a calm heart, spirit and mind as well as praying for friends and family to support us, safety for all those we love, knowledge, understanding, fortitude, discernment, wisdom, ability to use all that He provides.

We can get easily discouraged if we don't make a point of remembering WHO is in control and that it isn't about us/me. It is ALL about Him. It is ALL for Him.

Praise God that He is. Praise God that He saved us. Praise God it IS all for Him!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

God's Provision

When things don’t go the way we wish it is easy to get discouraged. But if we depend on God for those things, for everything, then we can trust in His provision. I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to find an agent. I’ve done research, mailed letters, emailed companies with no luck. I began to get the feeling that perhaps all I needed was a little more information on how to go about looking for an agent and how to get them to give my manuscript a try.

Then the other day, while shopping with my husband, at the local B&N store, he spotted a book with an interesting title. “The First Five Pages” by: Noah Lukeman was sitting on the shelf along with a collection of books on various subjects. My dear husband handed it to me thinking I might be interested and after reading the forward I decided to purchase the book and take it home.

Sunday afternoon we drove to a small town on the nearby coast with a shopping district, carnival and upscale restaurants. On the drive I opened the book and started reading the introduction. I could tell right away that this book would be worth the money I paid for it. I can see it sitting on my shelves years from now, dog eared, marked and highlighted. Some might regard this a horrible way to treat a good book but I have a feeling that Mr. Lukeman would understand and be pleased to find that his work had found such an appreciative reader.

Although I never treat books this way I feel sure that this book will be so indispensable that I will refer to it often, place bookmarks and post-its in it’s pages and of course recommend it to my writing friends.

I can see now that there is much to be done with my manuscript and I am grateful God led me to this tool. It will help me improve my work so that when I do submit it will be in the best shape for perusal by an agent or editor.

Have you found a good tool lately? Has God shown you something about your work?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life & Attitude

How does our attitude affect our lives?

Often I am confronted by the Lord about why I am unhappy or having a bad day. And it is because of my attitude. Am I doing what I’m doing because I love Him? Am I giving Him my best in whatever endeavor I am involved in? How can I if my thinking is off or affected by the sins of others? How can I if I am unhappy or letting fatigue affect how I feel about it? If there is no joy then something is wrong.

If I expect to continue to be of use to our Lord then I need to take care of myself in every way. Physical health is necessary to maintain energy to work. Spiritual health is necessary to continued growth and usefulness. Mental health is important if we want to be able to reach others for Christ. Emotional health is needed if we are to deal with all that comes our way daily. For all of this we must work and yet we must depend on God’s leading.

Sometimes my attitude is affected by things around me, people or situations I have no control over. But, I can control my attitude through prayer and letting God adjust my thinking. Praying for someone or something that is negatively affecting my life does so much more than complaining and letting it make me angry. Praying the blood of Jesus over those situations puts it into God's hands. And asking Him to use it for His glory puts it into perspective for me. It changes my heart and my thinking.

Thank You, Lord, for always holding me accountable, always bringing me back into your will and for always making a way for forgiveness and restoration. Thank you that I can depend on You to get me back on your path. Thank you for all you give me; blessings, direction, protection, forgiveness, work, joy, health, family, finances, home, church family, friends, I could go on forever. Thank You, Lord. Be glorified in all of your children, be glorified in ALL things. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Glory to God in the highest!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Our God is Faithful

When difficult things come it can be hard to not panic, worry and become anxious, but we are cautioned in God’s word to “be anxious for nothing”. When it comes to our family that can be a very hard thing to do. I tend to cry first and storm the throne with prayers before I can take a breath and begin to calm down.

If I am not careful Satan will attack with “You should have or you could have” all those things that might have been but for circumstances and/or God’s leading. Sometimes God directs us to move away and though it is very hard to do we follow, believing that this is the best thing to do.

When parents are in the hospital or when they need us nearby is when the devil will attack with “You should never have moved away. Look how hard you are making it on your poor parents. Now don’t you wish you were still there?”

Well, yeah I wish we still lived close. But that is not reality and I am still trusting God for it all. He knows what is best for my parents. He knows what is best for us, and He knows what the future holds.

I must continue to trust in God’s leading. Without Him I would be so lost. How would I ever cope, who would I turn to for strength, how would I know which direction to turn? Without God life has no direction or meaning. Trusting is the only option.

So; with Mom in the hospital, Dad not caring for himself properly, a six hour drive separating us, the rest of the family at work and me with no vehicle, I choose to trust in my heavenly Father. He already knows the outcome and has put in place provisions for our every need. God is faithful! “Just Trust!”

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Beginning

How is it that I forget so easily that my life is so much better when I am giving it all to God? Recently my DH (Dear Husband) was on a job working seven days a week, twelve hours a day. He worked this shift for three months. The longer he worked it the less I was able to accomplish at home. Things got stacked up again; magazines, mail, dishes, work, etc. Most every flat surface is stacked up with stuff. And I am not in much better shape myself. I gained fifteen pounds and though I am losing some I am still hooked on sodas. Not that I like them that much, I just find myself wanting them.

God has given me this wonderful life and I am letting little things take away the joy that could be evident to all around me. Forgive me Lord.

Today is a new beginning for me. I’m realizing just how much the devil wants me to suffer for my love for God. And I just realized that I am not willing to just sit and let it happen any longer. I am going to give God the glory and when I slip I am going to forgive myself and get busy again living for Him. There is hope. The possibilities for my life are limitless within His will.

I am so grateful that He opened my eyes to the truth about all that is going on here. Yes, I have a lot of work to do but with God’s help all things are possible. Praise God!!

How is life going for you?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gossip or Take Thoughts Captive?

We think nothing of passing on information without a thought as to whether it is; gossip, second or third hand information. There are times when we must pass on things that could keep someone safe, even if it is from a second or third party. But we must be careful of chatting about others. God does hold us accountable for the things we say,* whether spoken, written or even thought.

I am aware more now than ever that the thoughts and ideas of others about people we know can sway my thinking and also my response to those people. Am I so shallow? Is it possible that I can be so swayed that even God’s purpose can be affected? Yes, our thoughts and feelings can get in the way of what God would have us do. Perhaps that is why He warns us in His word not to gossip.

How are we to be a true witness of God’s love if we are easily swayed by the remarks of others? We must take care, search our hearts and prayerfully live our lives in the way God leads, through His word, His ministers, His voice speaking to us and His Spirit leading us.

Now when the days are so stressful and there is much to just getting through a day we must seek God in the morning and trust Him to get us through the day in a way that will bring Him glory. I realize now that more than ever I must watch, guard my thoughts** and the words I speak. If they do not uplift, encourage and speak love then I am not helping God’s cause.

Though these thoughts are simple there is a lot to consider. I must take the time to consider my week and see if there is any sin there. Let me know what you think.

*Matt. 12:36 **2Corinthians 10:5

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Idea Is Better

We always think our ideas are the best.

Learning to accept the fact that though my thoughts are good and often led of God, I can not possibly be right all the time. Not all of my thoughts are good, unselfish, without an agenda or led of God. Nor are they all to be shared with others.

Once accepted how do we convey this truth to our readers and keep them reading?

Prayerfully crafting a story is the only answer. Allowing God to move our thoughts through a story line as He moves our fingers on the keyboard can craft such a story of compelling characters that the reader is captivated by the thoughts therein. Can you tell I’ve been reading Jane Austin?

Her portrayal of Darcy makes you; like him, sympathize with him and care what happens. That is why we keep lifting the book from the shelf or putting the DVD in. To read or watch, again and again. What other characters can you think of? Why did you like them, why care what happened, did they truly deserve what they got, even the vilest of foes?

We write what we know and continued growth is important to us, for ourselves and for our work. It keeps us moving forward, striving for a better approach or a better tale to tell.

What thought God has recently given that has helped you in your work?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The List

Confronting those things which hold us, captive in our own self made prison, is earnestly needed. It is urgently needed and should be desired by us all, though it can be one of the most painful things we ever do. But then growth is often painful.

I don’t remember the painful growth of bones and muscles when I was a little girl. One thing I do remember is the pain I experienced, when growing into a teen, of being teased and relegated to the fringes of school life as if unworthy of inclusion. I felt it deeply. Yes, words do hurt.

I feel just as deeply, now, the need for confronting those things that turn me towards food for comfort instead of my heavenly Father. As I began to pray I listed the words that came to my mind so I could confront, study and turn from them. At the top of the list was anger and this was directed at; myself, those people who had hurt me, even God.

As I prayed for forgiveness I felt an indescribable lightness filling my spirit along with hope that as the days progressed and I confronted all those other items on "The List" I would begin to feel a true freedom in Christ.

Hope is a heady sensation and one that I pray will take root in my soul. May it be so strong within me that it will never waver in the days and years to come.

Confronting our attitudes, motives and ideas is a good thing, don't you think?

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Up Side

Being ill is no fun but there is an up side so to speak.
Realizing that there is much to be grateful for such as;

Being able to breathe,

Having a job at home that allows me to set my own schedule so that I can take time off if needed,

Having a sweetheart who is very willing to help around the house when I’m not well even though he is currently working seven days a week, twelve hours a day,

Having a grown son at home who is willing to help also is a blessing,

Having a Christian fellowship/family to turn to for prayers is a great blessing,

And last but by no means least having God to hang onto during those weak-I just have no strength times.

God is the greatest blessing of all.

Take time to list some of your blessings, even if you aren’t having the best day ever.

God bless!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life Is Good

Life is good because God is great! It amazes me how much I am learning. I always thought that older people were very wise, not that I’m old. Not in the least, but I am more mature and advanced in age than I was when that thought entered my head. I think now that the wisdom we often see in older folks is their ability to put others first, their willingness to admit they don’t know everything and their joy in just living.

I enjoy life more now even though the responsibilities of life aren’t really less than when my children were young, just different. I am learning to trust God more and learning so much about life that I’m amazed at His patience with me when I was young. Even now; if I'm not careful, I tend to rebell, rushing through my days without thought to what God might want me to do with them. I’m learning again to seek Him first.

Starting my morning reading God’s word seems to bring me into His presence. Then when I begin to pray I am more aware of sin in my life and can seek forgiveness and ask Him to help me turn from it. That just seems to be the way it works for me. I’m more aware of God’s presence throughout my day now and it is a wonderful feeling. I can turn to Him at any moment, as if my best friend is standing by my side, (which in fact He is) and ask for help or praise Him for this wonderful life He has given me.

I wonder if those times of rebellion will ever truly become a thing of the past. What do you think?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pray For Protection & Leading!

Recently our pastor spoke on the little coincidences God uses to orchestrate our lives. Those things we can see later as; His design, His leading, His plan. Bro. Bill used the phrase, “It just so happened.”

Well…It just so happened; God had me pray two weeks ago, for our finances and all our information. It just so happened I had this urge to reconcile old entries in our checkbook early last week. It just so happened I woke at five A M the next morning, got online and found almost three hundred dollars missing from an account. It just so happened I had to keep the car that day for other purposes and was able to go to the bank and get the paperwork necessary to take care of this situation. It just so happened that my dear husband is on loan to a different location for his company and working overtime, making enough in the first week to offset the four figure deficit caused by these thieves.

Let me encourage you all to pray for your finances and listen to that small voice even if you don’t have time to do the little things it is telling you to do. Do them anyway. You won’t be sorry.

Now, I just have to forgive these people. God told me I must, so I am working on it. I’m praying for them.

What joy it is to know that God is in control of our lives. I can't let the devil steal that joy by hating these people. Surely that would do nothing to bring God glory.

What do you think?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Where Does Joy Come From?

What joy to find that after all these years I can still feel like a princess. Yes it is possible. And when you realize the feeling is there you don’t want it to go away. You want to hang onto it, share it and renew that feeling daily.

How did it happen? It all started a few months ago when my sweet husband mentioned going to Disney World with his brother and his family. My first thought was “Yeah, right. I’m so out of shape I would have a great time trudging through the crowds, listening to kids cry that they’re tired, etc. etc. etc!!

Soon after that God got my attention, again, about my attitude. I’ve had trouble with my attitude more in the last year than my parents did when I was a teen. So…I asked God to help me. I told him that I would go if Joe really wanted to. I still really didn’t want to, but an amazing thing happened. My attitude began to change as I continued to pray.

Even with the changes, I really didn’t expect to have such a wonderful time. By the end of the third day, our first day at Magic Kingdom, I didn’t want to leave. I told my honey that I didn’t want to go home. He replied, “You mean you want to live in Florida?” I said, "No, I want to live here, at Magic Kingdome." I pointed to a two story building and said, "We could rent an apartment and work here."

We laughed and I think he realized what a wonderful time I had. I wonder, if I had stuck to my first inclination, demanding my way, not seeking out the Lord for help, would I be so happy now? I would have gotten my way, but would I be happy?

What do you think?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Life is so busy; with work both for God and family, which I suppose is also for the Lord. Perhaps, if we really think about it, everything we do can be for the Lord.

Anyway, with work, house work, cooking, cleaning, church, Sunday school, choir, down time and time spent doing research and playing on the computer there is hardly enough time in my day for everything. No wonder I am so tired I can barely think when my guys get home.

When I’m so busy I find myself struggling to get a meal on the table every night and looking forward to 9:00 P. M. (bedtime) so I can get some rest, how can I ever hope to fully enjoy and appreciate life. I feel so fatigued that I can’t hold an intelligent conversation with my sweet family. Forget about making the needed phone calls to extended family or writing to family and friends.

Fatigue causes stress and stress can cause a myriad of health issues, which I don’t need, now or in the future. Taking care of myself, my health, must include adjusting my schedule to allow more time to “be still before God”.

Maybe it’s time to look at my schedule and get rid of those things that don’t enhance life. God did not put us here to fill every waking moment. If there is no time to be still before him then I need to rethink the way I'm living.

Maybe I will take some time while we travel at the end of the week and do just that, I know it is needed. Just as I need to get rid of the extra “stuff” that clutters my home I also need to get rid of the things that hinder my walk as God’s child.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


How is it that we spend much of our time wishing for things we don't have? What a waste of precious time. I heard somewhere that "Time is like a penny, you can only spend it once and then it is gone." What are you spending your time on?

I find myself shopping or serfing the net looking at beautiful things. There is nothing wrong with that. Unless, as I sometimes do, I let it make me dissatisfied with what God has provided for us. We have a nice home. It needs work, yes, but what home doesn't. It is comfortable, nicer than any home we've ever lived in, more than I ever dreamed we would have when we first married and I do enjoy living here. I am grateful that God has so generously provided this place for us.

There are other times I find discontentment creeping in. When I see someone who weighs less, has prettier clothes or is more involved in ministering to others. Sometimes I let those appearances cloud my vision of myself. The reality is, I am healthy, happy, enjoy my ministry, have a wonderful family and nice clothes.

Where then does this discontent come from? It comes from the enemy of God. Satan is very much alive and working to destroy our lives. If he can't destroy our very lives then he will destroy our joy in life.

Once I realized this I went to God asking him to forgive me. Now I can shop, browse magazines and serf the net to my hearts content knowing something may be there that will help me beautify my home. I still love beautiful things. God gave me that ability. Just seeing beautiful things can lift my spirits and I don't even need to make a purchase. I may shop all day without buying a thing.

The point is learning to be content with what I have while knowing that God may provide the funds needed to add something beautiful to my life one day brings a certain freedom. And that is something I cherish. Freely enjoying the beauty God has given us in this world while being content with what I have.

What do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2008


Letters; who doesn’t remember getting their first letter? I must have been twelve years old when I got a letter from my grandmother. I also got letters from one of my Dad’s sisters. We, Grandma Bell, Aunt Era and I corresponded off and on for years. Until other things took precedence.

What joy to walk to the mail box, expecting nothing but bills or junk mail, to lift out that envelope with my name on it. That envelope is evidence that someone has been thinking of me. Evidence that they cared enough to write.

What has happened to that art? Has life taken so much of our time that we can’t sit down for a few minutes and let our family and friends know we love them? I for one am guilty of this lack of attention to those I love. Oh, I send emails but, that isn’t enough. Email is too casual, too indicative of this fast passed life where other more urgent things intrude upon what is really important.

I am going to slow down, take a few minutes a day, and write to those I love. If it is just a little note then at lease they will know that I remember that I think of them and that I care about them. I want them to know how much they mean to me. So starting today I will put forth some of my writing efforts towards cards and letters.

Getting reconnected is always a good thing. What do you think?

Monday, January 7, 2008

God Loves Us; Utterly, Completely, Absolutely


That’s what God called me as I talked to him in the middle of the night. Somewhere in between awake and asleep as I called out to my Father he replied, “Beloved.” My eyes stung with tears and my throat tightened in response. I felt it and I felt overwhelmed with the love that was present. I still tear up when I think about it. It was almost too much; too much to comprehend, too much to believe, too much to accept and yet He wanted me to accept it.

That He wanted me to know I am His beloved makes His love for me more real. Maybe that is why I felt the tears. Now if I can just keep that in mind when I am vacillating over what to do, write or play or work on the house. He has my best interest in mind, He knows me better than anyone on earth, (even my parents and my sweetheart) and He knows what I need to do every day with every moment He gives me. Now I have the hope that He will lead me to the path He has put before me, and that He will bless my efforts to bring Him glory.

Using the pain and joy of life to reach others for Him; writing of it so that others in their empathy or sympathy may learn of His love for THEM, that they are important to Him.

Did you know that you are beloved? God, our Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe loves you with a love greater than you could ever imagine. You are very important to Him. Just as each of our children is different and yet loved as if they were our only child we are loved by our Father with a love that knows no bounds.


Beloved, let this sink into your heart. Let it be the word that comes to mind when you think of who you are in Him. Let it lift your spirits. Let it bring you hope. For in Him all things are possible and in His love we find everything we need.

Beloved, love the Lord as He loves you. You cannot believe what beautiful and amazing things may come of it.