Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Life is so busy; with work both for God and family, which I suppose is also for the Lord. Perhaps, if we really think about it, everything we do can be for the Lord.

Anyway, with work, house work, cooking, cleaning, church, Sunday school, choir, down time and time spent doing research and playing on the computer there is hardly enough time in my day for everything. No wonder I am so tired I can barely think when my guys get home.

When I’m so busy I find myself struggling to get a meal on the table every night and looking forward to 9:00 P. M. (bedtime) so I can get some rest, how can I ever hope to fully enjoy and appreciate life. I feel so fatigued that I can’t hold an intelligent conversation with my sweet family. Forget about making the needed phone calls to extended family or writing to family and friends.

Fatigue causes stress and stress can cause a myriad of health issues, which I don’t need, now or in the future. Taking care of myself, my health, must include adjusting my schedule to allow more time to “be still before God”.

Maybe it’s time to look at my schedule and get rid of those things that don’t enhance life. God did not put us here to fill every waking moment. If there is no time to be still before him then I need to rethink the way I'm living.

Maybe I will take some time while we travel at the end of the week and do just that, I know it is needed. Just as I need to get rid of the extra “stuff” that clutters my home I also need to get rid of the things that hinder my walk as God’s child.

What do you think?

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