Friday, April 26, 2013

Writing & Life

My job, calling, joy is writing. But writing is a solitary thing. I spend much of my time alone. Even when I’m with people I don’t talk a lot. Well, except when with other writers or when I have a story to tell.

Being alone isn’t so bad. I can focus on my work, take my time and do it right. Go back over it as much as I need, at least for now as no deadlines loom. But I can also get drawn back into old habits of snacking when I’m bored or even while I’m thinking.

Changing habits takes time and it takes thought. The thing that helps me the most is prayer. It helps me focus my attention on the task at hand and brings God’s power into play while I abstain from snacking.

In my last post I mentioned I had been diagnosed with diabetes. I am doing well and hope that within a few months it will have reversed itself. This is what the doctor and I are working towards. Yes, it is possible to reverse diabetes. I never knew that was possible, but the doctor assures me it is. For that I thank God and pray for His help in getting rid of it.

I’ve begun exercising again and am finding that this disease is very manageable. It amazes me how we let ourselves get in such a state. It also amazes me how gracious God is in helping us to change and recover from what we’ve gotten ourselves into.

I am so grateful for His faithfulness, for His abiding, constant presence in my life.

Thank You, Lord, for not abandoning me even when I think I deserve it. Thank You for helping me change and for blessing the work I am doing to change. I praise you for this job, for inspiration and direction and I pray that You will use it all for Your glory. In Jesus name, amen.