Wednesday, January 23, 2008


How is it that we spend much of our time wishing for things we don't have? What a waste of precious time. I heard somewhere that "Time is like a penny, you can only spend it once and then it is gone." What are you spending your time on?

I find myself shopping or serfing the net looking at beautiful things. There is nothing wrong with that. Unless, as I sometimes do, I let it make me dissatisfied with what God has provided for us. We have a nice home. It needs work, yes, but what home doesn't. It is comfortable, nicer than any home we've ever lived in, more than I ever dreamed we would have when we first married and I do enjoy living here. I am grateful that God has so generously provided this place for us.

There are other times I find discontentment creeping in. When I see someone who weighs less, has prettier clothes or is more involved in ministering to others. Sometimes I let those appearances cloud my vision of myself. The reality is, I am healthy, happy, enjoy my ministry, have a wonderful family and nice clothes.

Where then does this discontent come from? It comes from the enemy of God. Satan is very much alive and working to destroy our lives. If he can't destroy our very lives then he will destroy our joy in life.

Once I realized this I went to God asking him to forgive me. Now I can shop, browse magazines and serf the net to my hearts content knowing something may be there that will help me beautify my home. I still love beautiful things. God gave me that ability. Just seeing beautiful things can lift my spirits and I don't even need to make a purchase. I may shop all day without buying a thing.

The point is learning to be content with what I have while knowing that God may provide the funds needed to add something beautiful to my life one day brings a certain freedom. And that is something I cherish. Freely enjoying the beauty God has given us in this world while being content with what I have.

What do you think?

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