Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Life is so busy; with work both for God and family, which I suppose is also for the Lord. Perhaps, if we really think about it, everything we do can be for the Lord.

Anyway, with work, house work, cooking, cleaning, church, Sunday school, choir, down time and time spent doing research and playing on the computer there is hardly enough time in my day for everything. No wonder I am so tired I can barely think when my guys get home.

When I’m so busy I find myself struggling to get a meal on the table every night and looking forward to 9:00 P. M. (bedtime) so I can get some rest, how can I ever hope to fully enjoy and appreciate life. I feel so fatigued that I can’t hold an intelligent conversation with my sweet family. Forget about making the needed phone calls to extended family or writing to family and friends.

Fatigue causes stress and stress can cause a myriad of health issues, which I don’t need, now or in the future. Taking care of myself, my health, must include adjusting my schedule to allow more time to “be still before God”.

Maybe it’s time to look at my schedule and get rid of those things that don’t enhance life. God did not put us here to fill every waking moment. If there is no time to be still before him then I need to rethink the way I'm living.

Maybe I will take some time while we travel at the end of the week and do just that, I know it is needed. Just as I need to get rid of the extra “stuff” that clutters my home I also need to get rid of the things that hinder my walk as God’s child.

What do you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


How is it that we spend much of our time wishing for things we don't have? What a waste of precious time. I heard somewhere that "Time is like a penny, you can only spend it once and then it is gone." What are you spending your time on?

I find myself shopping or serfing the net looking at beautiful things. There is nothing wrong with that. Unless, as I sometimes do, I let it make me dissatisfied with what God has provided for us. We have a nice home. It needs work, yes, but what home doesn't. It is comfortable, nicer than any home we've ever lived in, more than I ever dreamed we would have when we first married and I do enjoy living here. I am grateful that God has so generously provided this place for us.

There are other times I find discontentment creeping in. When I see someone who weighs less, has prettier clothes or is more involved in ministering to others. Sometimes I let those appearances cloud my vision of myself. The reality is, I am healthy, happy, enjoy my ministry, have a wonderful family and nice clothes.

Where then does this discontent come from? It comes from the enemy of God. Satan is very much alive and working to destroy our lives. If he can't destroy our very lives then he will destroy our joy in life.

Once I realized this I went to God asking him to forgive me. Now I can shop, browse magazines and serf the net to my hearts content knowing something may be there that will help me beautify my home. I still love beautiful things. God gave me that ability. Just seeing beautiful things can lift my spirits and I don't even need to make a purchase. I may shop all day without buying a thing.

The point is learning to be content with what I have while knowing that God may provide the funds needed to add something beautiful to my life one day brings a certain freedom. And that is something I cherish. Freely enjoying the beauty God has given us in this world while being content with what I have.

What do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2008


Letters; who doesn’t remember getting their first letter? I must have been twelve years old when I got a letter from my grandmother. I also got letters from one of my Dad’s sisters. We, Grandma Bell, Aunt Era and I corresponded off and on for years. Until other things took precedence.

What joy to walk to the mail box, expecting nothing but bills or junk mail, to lift out that envelope with my name on it. That envelope is evidence that someone has been thinking of me. Evidence that they cared enough to write.

What has happened to that art? Has life taken so much of our time that we can’t sit down for a few minutes and let our family and friends know we love them? I for one am guilty of this lack of attention to those I love. Oh, I send emails but, that isn’t enough. Email is too casual, too indicative of this fast passed life where other more urgent things intrude upon what is really important.

I am going to slow down, take a few minutes a day, and write to those I love. If it is just a little note then at lease they will know that I remember that I think of them and that I care about them. I want them to know how much they mean to me. So starting today I will put forth some of my writing efforts towards cards and letters.

Getting reconnected is always a good thing. What do you think?

Monday, January 7, 2008

God Loves Us; Utterly, Completely, Absolutely


That’s what God called me as I talked to him in the middle of the night. Somewhere in between awake and asleep as I called out to my Father he replied, “Beloved.” My eyes stung with tears and my throat tightened in response. I felt it and I felt overwhelmed with the love that was present. I still tear up when I think about it. It was almost too much; too much to comprehend, too much to believe, too much to accept and yet He wanted me to accept it.

That He wanted me to know I am His beloved makes His love for me more real. Maybe that is why I felt the tears. Now if I can just keep that in mind when I am vacillating over what to do, write or play or work on the house. He has my best interest in mind, He knows me better than anyone on earth, (even my parents and my sweetheart) and He knows what I need to do every day with every moment He gives me. Now I have the hope that He will lead me to the path He has put before me, and that He will bless my efforts to bring Him glory.

Using the pain and joy of life to reach others for Him; writing of it so that others in their empathy or sympathy may learn of His love for THEM, that they are important to Him.

Did you know that you are beloved? God, our Heavenly Father, Creator of the universe loves you with a love greater than you could ever imagine. You are very important to Him. Just as each of our children is different and yet loved as if they were our only child we are loved by our Father with a love that knows no bounds.


Beloved, let this sink into your heart. Let it be the word that comes to mind when you think of who you are in Him. Let it lift your spirits. Let it bring you hope. For in Him all things are possible and in His love we find everything we need.

Beloved, love the Lord as He loves you. You cannot believe what beautiful and amazing things may come of it.