Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Storm

Wow, we had a close call. It seams these storms from the gulf get closer every year. I am so thankful this was a small one. I wonder, what is it about storms that put us on edge?

Is it the realization that we have a lot to do to prepare? Or the possibly of leaving our homes to come back much later to a pile of rubble? Maybe the biggest thing storms do is bring to light the fact that we aren’t in control.

We walk through this life; working, caring for our families, visiting friends and family, helping others, going to church, taking vacations, making plans for the future when if we allow ourselves to admit it we have no control over any of these things. God allows us to live and do these things. He even blesses us with some of our dreams; travel, time with family, work, ministry, good friends, grandchildren, dream homes, etc.

What would happen if it was all gone in one day? If we were left on this earth with no family or possessions? Would we think God failed us? I know that if it happened to me I would be devastated. I would find it hard to go on, but I also know that if God allows hardship he will provide the very thing that will help me get on with His plan for my life.

Bad things do happen, but that doesn’t make God any less; God, creator, provider, Father. I can see that I would have to hold onto God with both hands if my world was so shaken. We have no guarantee that it will not happen to us one day, but we do have the promise that He will never leave us, nor forsake us. And we must trust Him to bring us through.

In the meantime; I am determined to ask Him to remove all of those things that hinder His will in my life. I’m tired of all the clutter in my life, you know, all those things I participate in that He hasn't ordained as well as the "stuff" I've accumulated that I don't need. I want what He wants. Let’s see what He moves or removes.


Moonine Sue Watson said...

I know what you mean. We had a grass fire a few months ago that was a miles from our house. When I was loading our trunks with what things I wanted to save, I walked through the house saying "no" to most things.

It made me realize most of my things weren't really that important.

I also had a pregnant niece, her husband, and sister-in-law survive a house fire. Again great gratitude for their lives being spared.

Mary said...

Sue, How wonderful it is to feel God's presence in the midst of the storm. I know that is the only way I can stay calm through any storm.

Thank you for sharing and God bless!