Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Love Finds You in Snowball Arkansas

True love comes in many shapes and sizes. Much to our chagrin it also comes in surprising ways. Lucy is tired of waiting! She signs up for a retreat and ends up doing things she’s never dreamed of, all to get the attention of the man of her dreams.

Determined to make this trip worthwhile she throws herself into it with abandon, knowing it could change her life. Just thinking about spending all those hours with Justin has her planning things she had never given a thought to before.

When things go wrong and she ends up looking like a klutz Lucy tries to keep her hopes alive. But who would want to take the time to get to know such a clumsy girl. Surely, Justin, the perfect sportsman wouldn’t want to ruin his trip hanging out with such a loser.

Will Justin find out how much fun Lucy is to be around? Will Lucy find love in Snowball Arkansas? Read for yourself, I can assure you it is a snowy sleigh ride of laughter and fun.

Ms. Bricker has written a story that shows all the hope of a young girl in love. It also shows the spiritual growth of a girl who is willing to continually seek God and His will in her life, in spite of what she wants. Well done.

Love Finds You in Snowball Arkansas
By: Sandra D. Bricker
Summerside Press
ISBN-10: 1-934770-45-0

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