Saturday, April 26, 2008

Gossip or Take Thoughts Captive?

We think nothing of passing on information without a thought as to whether it is; gossip, second or third hand information. There are times when we must pass on things that could keep someone safe, even if it is from a second or third party. But we must be careful of chatting about others. God does hold us accountable for the things we say,* whether spoken, written or even thought.

I am aware more now than ever that the thoughts and ideas of others about people we know can sway my thinking and also my response to those people. Am I so shallow? Is it possible that I can be so swayed that even God’s purpose can be affected? Yes, our thoughts and feelings can get in the way of what God would have us do. Perhaps that is why He warns us in His word not to gossip.

How are we to be a true witness of God’s love if we are easily swayed by the remarks of others? We must take care, search our hearts and prayerfully live our lives in the way God leads, through His word, His ministers, His voice speaking to us and His Spirit leading us.

Now when the days are so stressful and there is much to just getting through a day we must seek God in the morning and trust Him to get us through the day in a way that will bring Him glory. I realize now that more than ever I must watch, guard my thoughts** and the words I speak. If they do not uplift, encourage and speak love then I am not helping God’s cause.

Though these thoughts are simple there is a lot to consider. I must take the time to consider my week and see if there is any sin there. Let me know what you think.

*Matt. 12:36 **2Corinthians 10:5

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