Friday, August 15, 2008

How Great Is Our Father’s Love!

I’ve been reading a lot of loop emails from ACFW, and it came to me just how much I have to learn. At first I felt overwhelmed with all the technical and composition information I don't know, but after reading to the end of the page, where I had pasted three days of the digest, I realized every writer has to learn these things. That was encouraging.

I was so moved that I decided to send a letter to the loop, something I rarely do. In return I received encouragement and support from a host of members, who’ve been there. What a humbling experience it is to receive such a gift from my Father. I know it was He who inspired me to send that letter and I know He is leading those who respond.

How wonderful to know He loves me so much, to feel His presence inhabit the words of others, to know that the plan He has for me will be fulfilled. I don’t need to know the date or how it will happen or even who will be affected by my work. Just to know I am being used is an amazing gift.

How is God showing His love to you today?

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