Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Write Way

Being Christians, we all know the Source of our needs. When in ministry we must remain close to Him; so we can hear His voice, so we can know His will, so we will remember where to go for strength, renewal,inspiration and all the other things we need.

Writing takes a lot of energy and effort. If we are to be diligent in our work we must reach out to God daily. His love for us and care for our needs is so great and this is a humbling thought. We must not let those thoughts keep us from seeking Him. Remember, Christ made us worthy.

We don't often take note of the things we need for our daily lives or the protection, direction and strength it takes just to get through our day. There is more, we must maintain a sensitive spirit and seek God in every thing. The list also includes seeking Him; for a calm heart, spirit and mind as well as praying for friends and family to support us, safety for all those we love, knowledge, understanding, fortitude, discernment, wisdom, ability to use all that He provides.

We can get easily discouraged if we don't make a point of remembering WHO is in control and that it isn't about us/me. It is ALL about Him. It is ALL for Him.

Praise God that He is. Praise God that He saved us. Praise God it IS all for Him!!

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