Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Only True King

Think of our world as a chessboard, like the scene in the movie Alice in Wonderland a grid is marked on the ground, but this one covers the whole earth. The chess pieces are scattered not placed directly opposite each other. This is no normal battle. The knights, God’s warriors, fit with His armor are stationed around the globe; America, Afghanistan, England, France, Iraq, Israel etc. White opposing black. Good against evil.

The black set has no queen no knights and it has no king, though he thinks of himself as such, he is only a pawn. He works against everything good, doing his best to ruin the hopes of those who follow the only true King. All of his plans, though he cannot see it, will ultimately be used to bring about God’s perfect will.

The white set has no pawns, only The King surrounded by knights. These knights have all of the power of The King at their disposal. Though the battle rages and we are called to stand for Him, the end has already been written, and the book is in the hand of The King. As He sets his seal on it, so begins The End.

What those who follow Him must remember is that He is in control. No Matter what happens, no matter what the world thinks, no matter what the media says. God is on His thrown and we are sealed in Him forever. Now, as His, what are we to do?

Standing together we are a witness for those who will come to God. We must prayerfully, carefully attend to the word our Father has put in our hearts. It will be used for his glory. I am honored to stand with you for our Lord, Jesus, The Christ.

May all honor and glory and praise be His forever and ever!! Amen!

Friday, October 26, 2007


That, which is most constant in our lives but, often dreaded. Change is necessary for living; daily life would be dull and difficult without change. I’m not sure why we dislike it so much. Maybe we get comfortable in our ruts and forget how wonderful change can be.

Remember how exciting it was to start school? Your first day of kindergarten or first grade was the most exciting thing you could think of and everyone asked about it from parents to grandparents. Everyone who knew your family wanted to know how it went. And you knew it was a special event.

What about your first date with the one who would become your mate for life? Maybe it wasn’t memorable at the time because you didn’t know then they would be your true love, but I’ll bet you can remember almost everything about that night now. How nervous you were about being with this person you didn’t know; where you went, how you felt when he dropped you off or when you dropped her off. Ah, change.

A good friend moved away. I love seeing her name on the loop and I know one day at conference I will see her and get to hug her again. Reading her blog is a good way to stay in touch and we email each other occasionally. It isn’t the same as being together but it is a blessing I fully intend to enjoy. Marian, I miss you girl.

Change isn’t always easy and nothing says we have to like it, but it helps. Allowing God control and telling Him that you trust Him is important. His love will never let us down. He is always faithful and though we must say good bye sometimes before we are ready we can trust that God knows what is best for all of us.

Another friend is moving. We don’t want to say good bye, but we know that she must make the decisions she needs to make to get on with life. That is something we all have to do. We hope that life will be good to her in her new home and that her new job will be fulfilling. Sarita, our prayers are with you.

Our youngest son moved recently, farther away, but we know by just hearing his voice that he is happy and doing good. Oh we would love to have him and all our family living within shouting distance, but we would not hold them back for anything. They must live the lives God intended.

Our oldest son is getting ready to move in the New Year. We are so happy for him and know that he will enjoy his new place. We look forward to seeing all the blessings God has in store for him.

As life changes for us all I can’t help thinking most of them have brought blessings into our lives. Here’s to change!!

Thank you Lord for changing things in our lives, for all the blessings you give us and for your faithfulness to always be there for us. Thank you for loving us and making us yours. In the name of Your precious Son, Jesus, we pray, Amen.

Wishing you all a Super! Fantastic! Wonderful day!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snakes, UGH!

Ugly, slimy, poisonous pests! I could live without them and would gladly have killed every one I saw if I dared get close enough. Killing snakes was my parent’s job when I was growing up, usually Daddy would get a hoe and chop it’s head off. Then he would scoop it up in a shovel and dump it in the barrel where we burned our trash.

Growing up in the country didn’t help me like these critters. I knew how dangerous they could be and had no knowledge about non poisonous ones. As far as I was concerned they were all evil and should be killed. Never mind the fact that God left them here; surely there was a better way. I know they eat mice and probably other types of pests but cats eat mice too or at least kill them and leave them for us to find.

How did I go from hating snakes to rescuing them? Being married to a snake loving nut helps. Somehow in the past thirty three years I went from running and screaming to avoiding large ones and sweeping small ones (like the one our cats cornered on the porch this morning) into a bucket so I can take it outside.

I guess as we grow in knowledge and understanding we realize that trusting God has more to do with life than our ability to deal with situations. I’m working towards giving my life to Him daily. It is a discipline I need and it will help me more than anything else I could do for myself. Knowing that He knows best and has a plan set into place for us makes giving ourselves, all of ourselves, to Him the best thing we can do. Rom. 6:13

May God bless you with a wonderful fall day!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dealing With Loss

How do people get through the loss of someone they love without God? I don’t know how they do it, I just know I wouldn’t make it through those times without grabbing hold of my heavenly Father and hanging on for dear life.

One of the first times I experience this I was sixteen and in love with a boy I had met just a few short weeks before at a friend’s church. He was so spiritually mature that I was impressed and took an instant liking to him. Perhaps that was all it was. I just knew he had the qualities I admired. He was also sixteen. It was his Senior year and I was a Junior. One afternoon while visiting my friends we got a call that he had an accident while cleaning his gun, the bullet lodged in his spine and by the time they got him to the hospital he was gone. I was devastated and I cried for weeks, letting my heart cry out to God because I could think of no way to express how I felt.

At first the tears were bitter, hot, they did not bring the healing I expected. No stranger to grief and loss, having lost family members, I knew how it should feel. And I knew that though we love our family and friends we are not guaranteed a long life on this earth. But to loose him and all my hopes and dreams, though unspoken, hit me so hard that I had a hard time recovering. The suddenness of it shook my world and I wasn’t sure if it would ever be the same.

I had to go back to school and somehow get through the days. I walked through those hours as if alone. A haze covered my vision. I don’t know if my parents knew how hard it was. We never talked about it. I talked to my best friends once, late into the night, talking so long that I woke with a sore throat. Even that felt different. Everything was changed, me most of all.

Though I never spoke aloud to God I kept a constant communication with Him in my heart. I held on for dear life and He brought me through that time. You hear that 'Things that don’t kill you make you stronger'. I was stronger and I was more sure of God. Now I know that He is the answer to all things. He is the answer to the desires of our hearts, to the difficulties life brings our way. He is the answer to loss that can, if we allow it to, destroy our hope, our lives, our peace of mind. Call out to God, hang on to Him. He will get you through it. You don’t have to know what to say, He will hear your heart. God’s word says, “The Spirit will intercede for us with groanings that can not be uttered.” Rom. 8:26

More recently, Jan. 27, 2006 through June 15, 2006, we lost my husband’s mother and two close friends. That was a rough year, but God brought us through. I have been changed again, by loss, but I believe the changes are for the better. I’m more aware of what is really important; letting loved ones know how much they are loved, time spent with family and friends, reaching out when I see someone struggling, being willing to give up my day or what I want to help someone. Allowing God to help me has brought spiritual growth. I am so thankful that He is there to call on. He is always faithful.

Call out to God, hold on to Him and He will get you through. No matter what is happening in your life, He cares!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I've Got Your Back!

We hear it all the time, the phrase “I’ve got your back.” But do we really? Are we consistent in our prayers? Are we praying for those who are hurting or those who have lost hope? Are we talking to each other about the difficulties we go through? We all have down times and dark thoughts. Do we share those or hide them thinking they are unworthy of a Christian? What if we shared the dark times, telling others how God helped us through them, how He sustained us and how we grew during those times?

Often children think their parents have it all together. Perhaps we should discuss as a family the times God helped us; the miracles, what we learned, letting our children know how bad it really was. If they knew we struggled maybe they wouldn’t be so hard on themselves when their ‘grownup life’ was imperfect. Maybe they would understand that it's just part of life. Don't let people fool you, everyone goes through rough patches, even those whose lives look perfect are going through trials. It's normal and it is during those times we figure out what works, what is important to us, and what we really want from life.

Lets open up to each other, who knows what God will do with the knowledge and understanding gained from it. Maybe we should even start a group for others who have struggled or are struggling. Support is always good, aren’t we encouraged by Jesus to strengthen each other? Luke 22:32

Monday, October 1, 2007

God's Best!

I recently read that God’s plans for us, though they may differ from ours, are so much better than we can imagine. I agree whole heartedly and have decided to pray His will in every area of my life. His will for my children’s lives, His will for my sweetheart, His will for me and for my writing/illustrating ministry, His will for my aging parents.

Leaving things with Him and trusting Him in all things is a much better way to live than becoming anxious to have things the way I want them. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to “Get It!” but I am glad that His patience with, and mercy for me has led to this decision.

Life can be much better when we trust all of it to Him. I know I've learned this lesson before but I hope this time it will stick. Do you think the problem lies with the devil and his wanting me to want control over all of my life? Or even wanting recognition for working things out on my own? How silly is that? Why would I want something so temporary, so un Christ like, so unlikely to bring blessing?

Why don’t I stop to think about things like this instead of just meandering my way through life letting things happen as they will and then saying that it must be God’s will? Life will be so much better when I consciously give every area, every family member, and every part of myself into His will.

This is a turning point for me. I am expecting this day, this week, this month and the rest of this year to be exceedingly abundantly above what I could think or ask because His word says that is how it can be. Because what He wants for us is so far above our understanding it will amaze us. Wow, what wonderful things are coming!

Stay tuned for updates on the goodness of our God! God bless you all!!

Eph. 3: 20-21