Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life & Attitude

How does our attitude affect our lives?

Often I am confronted by the Lord about why I am unhappy or having a bad day. And it is because of my attitude. Am I doing what I’m doing because I love Him? Am I giving Him my best in whatever endeavor I am involved in? How can I if my thinking is off or affected by the sins of others? How can I if I am unhappy or letting fatigue affect how I feel about it? If there is no joy then something is wrong.

If I expect to continue to be of use to our Lord then I need to take care of myself in every way. Physical health is necessary to maintain energy to work. Spiritual health is necessary to continued growth and usefulness. Mental health is important if we want to be able to reach others for Christ. Emotional health is needed if we are to deal with all that comes our way daily. For all of this we must work and yet we must depend on God’s leading.

Sometimes my attitude is affected by things around me, people or situations I have no control over. But, I can control my attitude through prayer and letting God adjust my thinking. Praying for someone or something that is negatively affecting my life does so much more than complaining and letting it make me angry. Praying the blood of Jesus over those situations puts it into God's hands. And asking Him to use it for His glory puts it into perspective for me. It changes my heart and my thinking.

Thank You, Lord, for always holding me accountable, always bringing me back into your will and for always making a way for forgiveness and restoration. Thank you that I can depend on You to get me back on your path. Thank you for all you give me; blessings, direction, protection, forgiveness, work, joy, health, family, finances, home, church family, friends, I could go on forever. Thank You, Lord. Be glorified in all of your children, be glorified in ALL things. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. Glory to God in the highest!!

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Alive And Laughing said...

Thanks Mary! I needed to read your encouraging thoughts today and know that there is a Living God that loves me and has a plan, even at the bleakest, darkest times of life.

Love you,