Monday, October 6, 2008

Review of "A Constant Heart" by: Siri Mitchell

Groomed her whole life for marriage to a gentleman, a man she has never met, Marget despairs of ever having the love of her husband. The Earl of Lytham, doomed to marriage to a beauty is filled with fear. For surely fear drives Lytham's need to shun his lovely bride.

Siri Mitchell creates a world filled with attention to detail. British Royal Court comes alive with the Courtier’s elegance. Beautiful Victorian era jewels, lace, silk and ruffs in attendance, designed with the desire only of pleasing the Queen, as each Courtier seeks Her Majesty's favor.

Marget struggles to learn exactly what is required of her, in order to further the Earl of Lytham’s place at Court and so earn his attention for herself. Station is everything at the Queen’s Court, though treachery may befall at any moment.

An engaging read indeed. Much is woven through this story of seeking that illusive thing that will bring unity to a marriage. Well done Ms. Mitchell.

A Constant Heart
Siri Mitchell
Bethany House
ISBN # 978-0-7642-0431-9

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