Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Canvas

The day stretches ahead like a huge blank canvas. What will I fill it with? Lately my days have been pretty blank, with line sketches and maybe a patch of color here or there. Realizing today that I have a choice as to how it is filled makes me realize that too often the colors I use are bleak, watered down versions of the bright, vibrant colors that could grace the canvas if I would just start with God.

It puzzles me that anyone would choose to start their day without the Lord. And that I would make that choice is more puzzling still. I only do this when I’m stressed, burdened or depressed. This time I think I’m just tired from our vacation. But you can only do so much resting up. Then again perhaps the rest would do me more good if I started the day with the Lord. I’m not saying that I have neglected prayer, I pray constantly from the time I get up until I go to bed and every time I wake up at night. I pray for family, friends, pets, work, our country, all the soldiers and their families. Protection, direction, provision and healing are just a few of the things I pray for.

More than anything I want to be better, be more obedient, be healthier, be more available, and I know that God alone can help me do these things. What I need to realize is that God’s plan may not hold all of these things for me. I may struggle with weight for the rest of my life. I may have to wait ten more years to be published. God may have something totally different in mind for me. The sooner I give my; day, life, thoughts and efforts to Him the better.

I praise God that the canvas of my day may be a blessing to others no matter what colors, or lack thereof, cover it. That He is with me is something I will forever be grateful for. Even on those bleak days when the canvas remains blank I can praise my Father and thank Him for His presence.

May you feel His loving presence today, and may the canvas of your day reflect that presence to all who come in contact with you. God bless!

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