Sunday, March 9, 2008

Life Is Good

Life is good because God is great! It amazes me how much I am learning. I always thought that older people were very wise, not that I’m old. Not in the least, but I am more mature and advanced in age than I was when that thought entered my head. I think now that the wisdom we often see in older folks is their ability to put others first, their willingness to admit they don’t know everything and their joy in just living.

I enjoy life more now even though the responsibilities of life aren’t really less than when my children were young, just different. I am learning to trust God more and learning so much about life that I’m amazed at His patience with me when I was young. Even now; if I'm not careful, I tend to rebell, rushing through my days without thought to what God might want me to do with them. I’m learning again to seek Him first.

Starting my morning reading God’s word seems to bring me into His presence. Then when I begin to pray I am more aware of sin in my life and can seek forgiveness and ask Him to help me turn from it. That just seems to be the way it works for me. I’m more aware of God’s presence throughout my day now and it is a wonderful feeling. I can turn to Him at any moment, as if my best friend is standing by my side, (which in fact He is) and ask for help or praise Him for this wonderful life He has given me.

I wonder if those times of rebellion will ever truly become a thing of the past. What do you think?

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