Thursday, September 27, 2007

Running On Reserve

Have you ever felt you were running on reserve energy or just didn’t feel quite right? I have been feeling that way. I felt good physically and had a great time with family but there was just something missing. I didn’t take time to think about it or ask God what could be wrong I just continued through my days doing what I always did.

I get up, check my two email accounts, pray for requests on the Prayer Loop as well as family and friends, watch a little news, then go have breakfast. After breakfast I am back on the computer either researching or writing for a few hours, then comes lunch. Of course there are interruptions like; making business calls, receiving phone calls or nature calling. LOL Then there are things homemakers must do such as paying bills, balancing the checkbook, and taking care of the many things required to run a home. My days are pretty full.

With all I have to do it isn’t surprising that I haven’t taken time to figure out what was missing. I finally realized I had not spent time with God’s people at church. I have through choice and necessity been away several Sundays. When that happens I lose the connection with my brothers and sisters-in-Christ and the support they give. Like my family, knowing they are there eases the burdens of life. I know that during difficult times I can call on them and I can depend on God to bring me to their minds when I need prayer.

I am so looking forward to this Sunday. Last week the Lord’s day was spent with my husband, traveling home from visiting and helping our youngest Son and his family. I spent time in prayer, helped my Sweetheart drive, dropped him at the airport to catch a plane so he could attend a family funeral, drove the rest of the way (three hours) home praying for him and the family. It was a good time spent with my Father and I did need that alone time with Him. But it will be good to be together with the family of God again. To worship, praise and pray together and power up that battery.

Knowing that God knows best what we need it is no surprise how much we need each other. The surprising thing is that I allow myself to so easily get off track. It is good to be back where I should be and I am thankful my Father gently leads me back where I belong.

May your next Lord's day be blessed!

God bless you and have a GREAT week!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Watching my children go through struggles is hard for me. I guess it is for most any parent. The things that happen are often because of their own choices but sometimes the choices of others cause problems for my children. When that happens I have a choice to make. Forgive or disobey God.

The most recent hardship came as a five week delay for my youngest son and his family in getting into their home. Imagine seven people staying in a hotel, eating cereal and sandwiches until you are sick of them. Cooking out at the park when you can arrange the time because that is the only place available and then coming back to the room to eat because the flies are so bad you can't open your mouth to eat. The struggles they have gone through have been rough and though we asked God to get them into their home right away, for Him to smooth the way and bless them, He didn't answer in the way we expected or wanted.

I'm learning, again, to trust Him.

The choices we have to make in life very often seem impossible or unfair. We often hear that "Life isn't fair." But God is just and He has our best intrest in mind. Only He knows what is best for us. We know what would be easiest for us or what we think would benefit our families but only our loving Heavenly Father knows what lies ahead for us.

Very often the difficulties we face in life grows us in ways nothing else would. Too during these times we find out what true friendship means. Those who are there for us through the hard times become close to us, like family. Isn't that what God wants for us? To have an extended family who holds each other up both in prayer and with their presence. These times are often testing times when God allows us to struggle so that we will cry out to Him.

Blessings come as we pray for our children. It hurts to see the struggles and it is very hard to forgive those who are the cause. God will bless our obedience and the things we are gaining will go far in His kingdom. Chosing to obey and forgive is what we have to do. Obedience is key to maintaining a close relationship with God. If we desire that close contact with Him we must keep from putting obstacles in the way by disobedience.

When we get a reprieve from struggles we can look back and see that God was there for us. We can see His provision and give thanks for the blessings. Like little children we want what we want and we want it now. But like children sometimes going without or having to wait or hear our Father say no can be a blessing. Trusting in God we can be assured of His blessing.

May His blessing be evident in your life!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Monday, September 17, 2007


Birthdays always make me think of family. Mama and Daddy worked hard to make them special even when there was no money for presents. When my sweetheart came into my life he never missed an opportunity to make me feel special. Gifts for every holiday and always something special for my birthday. This year, no money for presents I feel blessed just being with family and getting so many calls that I’m hoarse from talking to loved ones.

A celebration, with or without cake, just being together is what is important. Remembering all the special times we’ve had, maybe that is why I’m so sentimental this time of year. It isn’t just that the holidays are coming. It’s attaining another year, thinking about all that has happened through the year and being grateful for God’s continued blessing.

Oh, things aren’t perfect, we have our daily struggles, but God is so good to us. Knowing that; somehow my prayers are being answered, in some way He will use me for His glory, He is watching over us and making us more like Christ every day. That is worth living for and since we are alive why not be grateful for fifty three years? I hope that through all the struggles we’ve had the past few weeks that as the year continues it will be even better and more glorifying to Him.

May you each have a wonderful week and may your days be blessed by our loving Father.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The old saying goes; The Lord helps those who help themselves.

In Truth;

God helps those who call on Him!
James 4:1-16;

I’m learning to ask for help, and not try to do things in my own strength. That is where I get off track. It is His help I need. With Him I can do anything!! I’ve often thought that if only we had more money things would get better but I’m learning not to wish for riches so I can have what I want, but pray for my loved ones asking God to provide for us all. Being willing to wait instead of going into debt because I can’t wait to have what I want. God’s best is so much better than we ever dreamed. Being willing to wait, asking Him to supply the things we need and want and then willingly working and waiting for them.

In calling on God I must be willing to submit to His will. It really isn’t that bad. Submitting brings a freedom that will bless us and all who care about us. If He tells me no, or doesn’t provide something I want I must be willing to let it go. I have to watch that I don’t yearn for it. After all they are only things and if it isn’t in God’s will for me right now then I must trust Him. When I need help letting go I’m learning to ask God for help.

His provision and will in my life is so much better for me and my family than what I want. His love for me is more important than anything this world has to offer and I’m learning that taking time daily, even moment by moment to spend with Him blesses me far better than anything else can.

So, I’m learning to Trust God in other areas too. I guess growing and learning don’t stop as we age. I’m glad He is willing to continue patiently teaching me. How wonderful to know He is always there waiting to hear from me, waiting for my heart to seek Him.

James 4:6b-8a KJV Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw night to God and he will draw night to you.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

God's Abundant Blessings

When life gets hectic we tend to forget to give time to God. We know that is the most important thing yet still we neglect Him. I don’t know why, but that is how it is. I’m not sure what has changed in my life, perhaps my perspective as I have aged. Each passing year brings it’s own lessons, those things that bring wisdom if we allow God to use them.

The past weekend was wonderful though short. I flew up to see my parents knowing that if I could surprise Mom on her birthday it would bless her and me. It did. One of my favorite Uncles and Aunts came to Mom and Dad’s to stay a few days that too was a treat. Then there was the reunion of my Father’s family. Cousins told stories about things that happened at Grandma and Grandpa Bell’s house. It was an amazing time. And to top it off I flew to Midland to see my youngest and his family, help finish moving what I could and catch up on hugging my grandchildren. What a joy it is to know you are loved so much. Yesterday our oldest drove me home. Usually a ten hour trip, it took about twelve and a half hours with traffic and weather delays but the time spent with him was such a joy.

I could feel sad today, but instead I feel so blessed. God allowed me to; see my parents, celebrate my Mom’s birthday, see a special Uncle and Aunt, visit with my sweet brother, get to know my beautiful new sister-in-law, see many family members at the reunion and hear stories I’ve never heard before. He allowed me to see my youngest son and his family, know that the place he is moving though far away is a good place, have special time with my oldest and come home to a husband who enveloped me in hugs. I feel so very blessed. God has provided what I needed, and though it was costly I know it was worth it.

On those days I don’t see His blessings all I have to do is ask for help in seeing them. Though they might not be evident, they are there if I just take time to look for them. I don’t always get what I want but God is able to get me through to the right time when He will provide what I need. I can trust Him because He is faithful.

Though I haven’t stopped to spend quiet time with Him yet today, I feel His presence. I feel my prayers and praises lifting from a grateful heart and His responding peace has settled in my soul.

Wishing you each and every one a day filled with His blessings.

We are accountable. What responsibility do you think is most important here?