Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Power Belongs to God

What a blessing our Lord is, His presence and faithfulness brings such peace that life takes on a feeling of joy in His blessings.

Knowing that all power comes from Him, there are many places in that Bible speak of His power. God's word teaches me that I must trust in Him alone when power is needed. Power; to overcome, to do His work, to grow in Him, to grow in faith, for health, financial help and direction etc.

What a wonderful gift is the knowledge that our God loves us and is ready with all of His power to work in our lives. All we need to do is ask Him, and then allow Him free reign in our lives.

I pray that God's sheild of protection covers each of you and your families, that His presence is evident in your lives and that He works to show His love and His power to others through you.

Thank You, Father, for your abiding presence and faithfulness to us. Be glorified in and through us all. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Expecting Great Things!

I recently read “The Summerhouse” by author Jude Deveraux. It is the story of three friends who, given the chance, decide to go back so they can change their lives. Two of them do make immediate changes in the past. The third decides to leave things as they are and make the necessary changes when she comes back to the present, though she does learn important things about herself in the process.

Would that is was that simple, going back and making changes to better our lives and bring great blessing. While considering these things I felt God nudging me to listen. What I heard Him say is; I don’t need magic, or to go back in time. I can claim His blessings today, making my life better and thus impacting the lives of others.

So, I did. I made decisions for health and blessing, I claimed them in Jesus name and I spoke health and blessing to my life. This I did through silent prayer since I had been warned by a close relative, who is a good Christian, that God told her/him to pray silently so that the devil could not hear and interfere.

Soon after my prayer I went online. I had one new email, from a fellow author and member of our prayer group. She sent a devotional which confirmed the things I believed to have taken place in my life, both spiritual and physical. Praise God for what is ahead.

I expect great changes to come about in my life in the weeks ahead. I will keep track of them and make a list of the changes God has wrought to post next month. Join me in praising God and in praying for all those who need such change in their lives.

With great expectation I begin the journey. May all be for His glory!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Our Amazing God

How amazing to know that God continues to teach. This fifty something writer feels blessed through His teaching. I'm learning that we, no matter what our job, living conditions, family ties, financial state, all go through periods of uncertainty. We wonder why we go through the things we do. We debate whether to change jobs, go for something more daring or just something different to get us out of the rut we're in.

Writers are not alone in the struggle to continue day in and day out working with little encouragement. Some of us even experience barriers put up by those closest to us. A word or action by those we love can set us back weeks or months if we are not careful to take it to God immediately, leaving it with Him. And if some outside element or force attacks, we are struck, almost a physical blow.

When things like this happen it is difficult to recover the joy and excitement we feel when we are penning His words. For that is what we do. Yes, much of what I do is fiction, but the purpose is to reach others for him. To bring His love and the hope of Christ to a hopeless world.

I used to feel so alone, but recently through other Christians I've found that hopelessness is no respector of persons, gender, bank balance or creative ability. It hits when you least expect it and when you are most vulnerable. I think hopelessness must be one of the devils most useful tools.

Seeking Christ and asking Him to take that burden off my shoulders is such a source of encouragement. He will deliver me from the deep depression that hopelessness brings. In place of that heavy, darkness He brings His light. I pray the same will be true for you.

Lord, let your light shine through every word penned this year. Through every thought that reaches someone else for you, through every opportunity to encourage someone for You. May you be glorified through us all. In Your precious name I pray. Amen!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank You

Oct. 23. Saying “Thank You” seems an easy thing to do, and yet when there are no words to describe how you feel it seems a daunting task.

For over 60 to 70 days there were people living and working alongside us who whether they know it or not have; improved living conditions, eased stressful situations, cooked and delivered hundreds of thousands of meals, lifted heavy loads, moved tons of debris, became friends and generally blessed us with their presence.

On the 22nd of Oct. my husband and I walked the halls of FBC Baytown feeling the emptiness and missing the “Beautiful Mess” more than those who’ve returned to their homes and families could dream. We spoke with one of the few remaining gentlemen later that evening and told him that we would miss them when they returned to their homes. He couldn’t believe it any more than we could grasp, weeks ago, why so many would come to help us.

It is unfathomable what has happened to us through the disaster brought by Hurricane Ike. To say that God works in mysterious ways seems almost an understatement. Our feelings are so fresh and run so deep that words fail.

Humbly I go to God with a heart so full, the only expression that seems to fit are the tears that fill my eyes. Knowing that He knows my every thought and feeling brings relief because “Thank You” just isn’t enough.

So, dear friends from North Carolina Baptist Men and Women & Red Cross, may God’s blessings fill your lives and families. May you know how you have blessed all those whose lives are touched by your generosity and willingness to be the ones to come in and face these formidable circumstances.

Though words fail, praying that you will know the depth of feeling these two words hold, I say “Thank You!”

Note: At any given time from Sept. 14th through the next sixty days you could find the halls and many rooms of our church lined with make shift beds. Some had air mattresses, some only a pallet on the floor. Every bed was neat and most of them had either their Bible or a momento from home laying on top. There were crates or boxes used as night stands with a picture or other momento sitting next to alarm clocks and brushes.

Many days I spent listening and watching as people came and went; working, visiting, meeting to share how they could do things more efficiently or where needs could be better met. We became a community, our church and the 300 plus who lived with us for those weeks post Ike. It left us forever changed and forever grateful to our God for the graciousness of these volunteers.

Thank You Father. Please continue to bless them for their willingness to help. Be with them and protect them in their work. Be with their families, provide and protect them as thier loved ones continue in their jobs. Be glorified through them, Lord and may many be reached for you because of them. And Father, I pray that you would give them a special blessing today. In Jesus name, Amen.