Saturday, January 26, 2013


        Life often brings stress. I’ve learned recently that the way we deal with stress can cause problems for us. I have stayed away from the obvious; fighting with loved ones, alcohol, tobacco, etc. but fell into the trap of using food for comfort.

        Now I have been diagnosed with diabetes. My first reaction was, NOOOO! Screaming inside to God that I don’t want this, I can’t handle this, I won’t accept this!

        Finally, after calming down and praying for His guidance, help. I am at peace with the present. Of course knowing that, as the doctor says, losing weight can correct the diabetes, I am focused on that. The fact that I am sick and can’t exercise right now is not a good thing. Being stuck at home where it is easy to fall into the old habit of snacking, is not a good thing. But, I am not in this alone.

        I can hear God whispering to me, “You can do this. I’ll help you.” and that is very comforting. Making those little choices, that seemed so huge just two weeks ago is getting easier. I’m finding that I don’t mind giving up some things. I’m also finding things I can eat that I enjoy. I just have to discipline myself to eat small amounts.

        Waiting for my stomach to shrink isn’t fun. Some days I get so hungry I could tear into a bag of chips and eat the whole thing. But I’m learning to seek God’s help right away. Sometimes prayer is all I need to distract myself from those hunger pangs. God is my strength.

        And I can’t wait to see where we are six months from now. Praise God, I am not alone.