Monday, March 2, 2009

Loss & Wake Up Call

Today I am grieving. I feel a deep and profound loss.

Lisa; 41, wife, mother, daughter, friend has gone home. How immense is the void left by her sweet presence. There will be no more hugs in church hallways, no more sweet smiles from across the room, no more discussions about flowers and living green. I know that the loss we feel will wane with time. It will even be filled if we allow God to fill it. Life will go on, but those of us who knew her will never forget. Today, we say goodbye.

How often do we, as we grieve, wish we had said more or done more. And why don’t we, after realizing how much more we could have done or said, put those lessons to work in our daily lives with our family and friends? Each time I work at letting my loved ones know I love them, each time I try to think of little ways to make their day sweet, and each time I fall back into this habit of taking them for granted.

I hope this time will be different. I hope that I will in some way be able to find something in each day to celebrate. I hope that I won’t wait to deepen friendships and that I will take every opportunity God gives me to reach out.

Resting on His promise that He will never leave or forsake us, I humbly entreat you to share His love while you can.

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