Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Power Belongs to God

What a blessing our Lord is, His presence and faithfulness brings such peace that life takes on a feeling of joy in His blessings.

Knowing that all power comes from Him, there are many places in that Bible speak of His power. God's word teaches me that I must trust in Him alone when power is needed. Power; to overcome, to do His work, to grow in Him, to grow in faith, for health, financial help and direction etc.

What a wonderful gift is the knowledge that our God loves us and is ready with all of His power to work in our lives. All we need to do is ask Him, and then allow Him free reign in our lives.

I pray that God's sheild of protection covers each of you and your families, that His presence is evident in your lives and that He works to show His love and His power to others through you.

Thank You, Father, for your abiding presence and faithfulness to us. Be glorified in and through us all. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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