Monday, March 9, 2009

It’s Simple, Really!

If you want or need change in your life,
If you want your life to have meaning,
If you want to hear God’s voice,
If you want; discernment, wisdom,
understanding, knowledge and
all the other things that come with a spirit filled life.

You must give yourself to God daily.
First thing in the morning,
when you first wake up, ask God
to forgive your sins and cleanse
you then give yourself to Him, all of yourself.
Desire it deeply, yearn for it,
then ask God to live in you,
ask Him to fill your heart, soul, mind
and spirit so that He will receive the glory
and so that you may be used as His instrument on this day.

It’s that simple. Desire Him. Come to Him with pure motives and a heart that hungers for Him. And you will find a contentment and joy in life like you have never known before. Talk to God throughout the day. He’s there with you. You will be able to feel it. Expect wonderful things to happen in your life, doors will open and you will feel a sense of direction and focus. Life will take on meaning and have a wonderful sense of fulfillment. It will also bring peace and blessing to you and your home.

When you have made the choice to give yourself wholly to God, pray for each
of your family members, that they also would find this simple solution.

Praising our Father for His wonderful presence, I pray that you will find a
full and blessed life in Him.

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