Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Only True King

Think of our world as a chessboard, like the scene in the movie Alice in Wonderland a grid is marked on the ground, but this one covers the whole earth. The chess pieces are scattered not placed directly opposite each other. This is no normal battle. The knights, God’s warriors, fit with His armor are stationed around the globe; America, Afghanistan, England, France, Iraq, Israel etc. White opposing black. Good against evil.

The black set has no queen no knights and it has no king, though he thinks of himself as such, he is only a pawn. He works against everything good, doing his best to ruin the hopes of those who follow the only true King. All of his plans, though he cannot see it, will ultimately be used to bring about God’s perfect will.

The white set has no pawns, only The King surrounded by knights. These knights have all of the power of The King at their disposal. Though the battle rages and we are called to stand for Him, the end has already been written, and the book is in the hand of The King. As He sets his seal on it, so begins The End.

What those who follow Him must remember is that He is in control. No Matter what happens, no matter what the world thinks, no matter what the media says. God is on His thrown and we are sealed in Him forever. Now, as His, what are we to do?

Standing together we are a witness for those who will come to God. We must prayerfully, carefully attend to the word our Father has put in our hearts. It will be used for his glory. I am honored to stand with you for our Lord, Jesus, The Christ.

May all honor and glory and praise be His forever and ever!! Amen!

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