Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Snakes, UGH!

Ugly, slimy, poisonous pests! I could live without them and would gladly have killed every one I saw if I dared get close enough. Killing snakes was my parent’s job when I was growing up, usually Daddy would get a hoe and chop it’s head off. Then he would scoop it up in a shovel and dump it in the barrel where we burned our trash.

Growing up in the country didn’t help me like these critters. I knew how dangerous they could be and had no knowledge about non poisonous ones. As far as I was concerned they were all evil and should be killed. Never mind the fact that God left them here; surely there was a better way. I know they eat mice and probably other types of pests but cats eat mice too or at least kill them and leave them for us to find.

How did I go from hating snakes to rescuing them? Being married to a snake loving nut helps. Somehow in the past thirty three years I went from running and screaming to avoiding large ones and sweeping small ones (like the one our cats cornered on the porch this morning) into a bucket so I can take it outside.

I guess as we grow in knowledge and understanding we realize that trusting God has more to do with life than our ability to deal with situations. I’m working towards giving my life to Him daily. It is a discipline I need and it will help me more than anything else I could do for myself. Knowing that He knows best and has a plan set into place for us makes giving ourselves, all of ourselves, to Him the best thing we can do. Rom. 6:13

May God bless you with a wonderful fall day!!!

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