Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Expecting Great Things!

I recently read “The Summerhouse” by author Jude Deveraux. It is the story of three friends who, given the chance, decide to go back so they can change their lives. Two of them do make immediate changes in the past. The third decides to leave things as they are and make the necessary changes when she comes back to the present, though she does learn important things about herself in the process.

Would that is was that simple, going back and making changes to better our lives and bring great blessing. While considering these things I felt God nudging me to listen. What I heard Him say is; I don’t need magic, or to go back in time. I can claim His blessings today, making my life better and thus impacting the lives of others.

So, I did. I made decisions for health and blessing, I claimed them in Jesus name and I spoke health and blessing to my life. This I did through silent prayer since I had been warned by a close relative, who is a good Christian, that God told her/him to pray silently so that the devil could not hear and interfere.

Soon after my prayer I went online. I had one new email, from a fellow author and member of our prayer group. She sent a devotional which confirmed the things I believed to have taken place in my life, both spiritual and physical. Praise God for what is ahead.

I expect great changes to come about in my life in the weeks ahead. I will keep track of them and make a list of the changes God has wrought to post next month. Join me in praising God and in praying for all those who need such change in their lives.

With great expectation I begin the journey. May all be for His glory!

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