Thursday, September 27, 2007

Running On Reserve

Have you ever felt you were running on reserve energy or just didn’t feel quite right? I have been feeling that way. I felt good physically and had a great time with family but there was just something missing. I didn’t take time to think about it or ask God what could be wrong I just continued through my days doing what I always did.

I get up, check my two email accounts, pray for requests on the Prayer Loop as well as family and friends, watch a little news, then go have breakfast. After breakfast I am back on the computer either researching or writing for a few hours, then comes lunch. Of course there are interruptions like; making business calls, receiving phone calls or nature calling. LOL Then there are things homemakers must do such as paying bills, balancing the checkbook, and taking care of the many things required to run a home. My days are pretty full.

With all I have to do it isn’t surprising that I haven’t taken time to figure out what was missing. I finally realized I had not spent time with God’s people at church. I have through choice and necessity been away several Sundays. When that happens I lose the connection with my brothers and sisters-in-Christ and the support they give. Like my family, knowing they are there eases the burdens of life. I know that during difficult times I can call on them and I can depend on God to bring me to their minds when I need prayer.

I am so looking forward to this Sunday. Last week the Lord’s day was spent with my husband, traveling home from visiting and helping our youngest Son and his family. I spent time in prayer, helped my Sweetheart drive, dropped him at the airport to catch a plane so he could attend a family funeral, drove the rest of the way (three hours) home praying for him and the family. It was a good time spent with my Father and I did need that alone time with Him. But it will be good to be together with the family of God again. To worship, praise and pray together and power up that battery.

Knowing that God knows best what we need it is no surprise how much we need each other. The surprising thing is that I allow myself to so easily get off track. It is good to be back where I should be and I am thankful my Father gently leads me back where I belong.

May your next Lord's day be blessed!

God bless you and have a GREAT week!!

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