Monday, September 17, 2007


Birthdays always make me think of family. Mama and Daddy worked hard to make them special even when there was no money for presents. When my sweetheart came into my life he never missed an opportunity to make me feel special. Gifts for every holiday and always something special for my birthday. This year, no money for presents I feel blessed just being with family and getting so many calls that I’m hoarse from talking to loved ones.

A celebration, with or without cake, just being together is what is important. Remembering all the special times we’ve had, maybe that is why I’m so sentimental this time of year. It isn’t just that the holidays are coming. It’s attaining another year, thinking about all that has happened through the year and being grateful for God’s continued blessing.

Oh, things aren’t perfect, we have our daily struggles, but God is so good to us. Knowing that; somehow my prayers are being answered, in some way He will use me for His glory, He is watching over us and making us more like Christ every day. That is worth living for and since we are alive why not be grateful for fifty three years? I hope that through all the struggles we’ve had the past few weeks that as the year continues it will be even better and more glorifying to Him.

May you each have a wonderful week and may your days be blessed by our loving Father.

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