Sunday, September 11, 2011

What to do? How to go on?

When the ground is shaken and scorched and burned what can you do but wait on God to repair and bring renewed life?

On this anniversary of 9-11 my thoughts are on healing.

We tend to mourn our losses, for days, weeks, months or years wishing for what cannot be. But if we stop and turn that mourning into gratitude for what we’ve had then the possibilities for a life of happiness, purpose and joy are boundless.

Yes, we have all lost loved ones or at least they’ve gone on ahead as the old timers say. We’ve lost; dreams, faith in mankind, direction, health, love, homes, jobs, etc…. But if we think of all we have because of those blessings then we should not despair but have faith that God will continue, in His goodness, to bless and direct us. If we feel lost and alone all we need to do is seek Him. He has the answer and He knows exactly what we need for every such moment in our lives.

May today be a new beginning for each of us.

God bless.

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