Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spiritual Inventory

The movie, “Fireproof” introduced “The Love Dare”, a devotional and marriage help book. I think I’ve been doing the love dare off and on for as long as I’ve been married. When things would get tense between my husband and I prayer always brought us back to unity.

If marriage is to survive all that this world throws at us, we must stand united with our spouse and God. Otherwise we don’t have much hope of growing old together, much less have a happy family life. Without God we cannot treat our sweethearts as they deserve to be treated. Without Him our homes become a place where chaos and anger reign.

Listening to John Waller sing “While I’m Waiting” I wonder if I am doing all those things; praying, serving, worshiping…. Is there something in my life that needs to be removed so I can do those things with a pure heart?

It is strange how when life is stressful we seek God more fully, praying and seeking God daily. But when the stress is over we tend to revert to bad habits such as putting our wants first, pushing prayer and God to the back of our mind and the bottom of our schedule.

Spiritual leaders encourage us to do an inventory of our Spiritual life once a year but I think it would be better if I searched my heart more often. Perhaps then I wouldn’t tend to get off track so easily. So, for the rest of the week; Bible study, prayer, and journaling about where I am spiritually.

May you each have a blessed week and may God be glorified in and through you.

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