Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodbye Regrets!

If I like who I am, how can I regret the choices I’ve made?

The main characters in Nicholas Sparks’ “The Last Song” find, through their journey that the choices they made shaped who they are. What I have to decide is, if this is true. (Wonderful book!)

And if it is true, since I do like who I am, why should I allow regret to hold me back? I’ve heard it said, “Don’t look back.” But a certain amount of looking back can help us discern where we are and if we are still on track. Looking back can also help us see where our bad choices have allowed us to grow.

Yesterday I decided I will no longer allow regret to hold me captive as it has in the past. Stopping to look and lingering over disappointments or dashed dreams does me no good. If I don’t allow myself some humanity, human failings, and extend the grace to myself to make & recover from mistakes then I will never accomplish the great things I could and I am not able to minister/witness as I should.

So, no more regrets. Oh, I’m not happy that I’ve failed so often but I will allow myself to learn from those things and, move on already! Being held back is so stifling. It stops the creative flow, steals joy, hinders our Christian witness, builds a wall between us & God as well as between us and our family members and is a waste of time.

I am thankful that God put people in my life that He can use to bring me a message. Becky, Carol, Cathy, Shirley, Stacy & Linda share; books, Bible study, thoughts and prayers, give hugs and encouragement……I could go on and on.

Thank You, Lord, for putting Christian women in my life, friends & family who help me as I grow. Bless each one in a special way today and always. In Jesus name, amen.

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