Friday, August 13, 2010

Life is NOT Fair!

It’s not fair. I’m finally old enough to know; what is worth doing, what is worth enjoying and I am limited by how much my body can take. It isn’t that I miss used my body when I was young. I was pretty careful, no drugs, alcohol or tobacco. A little too much Dr. Pepper but I got lots of exercise and had no problem with weight until we moved away from home and I got lonely and homesick and turned to food for comfort.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Getting old is the pits.” It really is!

Think about it; women go through the pain and/or discomfort of childbirth and all that goes with it. When we are past our child bearing years, menopause sets in. My husband says it’s called that because men better pause before doing or saying anything. It brings a heightened sensitivity to EVERYTHING! Mood swings, the kind we had with our (ahem! Men be prepared…) “monthly” otherwise known as a week of punishment for us women and anyone around us, turn into moments of anger, crying and venting followed immediately by guilt for hurting our loved ones. It is as if a crazy person takes over your body and you have no control over what they say or do to your loved ones. Then there are the night sweats and hot flashes that hang on for months and years. No longer can I enjoy that wonderful hot cup of coffee in the morning if the thermometer is above freezing. I can’t enjoy going to flea markets or garage sales in the spring and summer. And forget anything resembling an amusement park if it is outdoors.

Added to all of that awhile back I started having trouble with my feet. I had to buy those expensive inner soles, not the outrageously priced ones which cost well over $450.00 and can only be bought after seeing your doctor & paying, a specialist & paying and getting a prescription, the $49.50 pair. After wearing them for two weeks my feet felt better. Then one morning I woke up at 4:30 am with a cramp. I hopped out of bed which twisted my knee. For days; I babied my knee taking extra care when walking or moving. I took ibuprofen to keep the inflammation down and finally I felt good. This morning I went outside, planted three plants I'd bought, two of which were in a very sad state, and when I finished I drove into town for some much needed rest, shopping. :-) When I got out of the truck I realize my feet hurt again, and my knee feels weird UGH!! Why can’t I just do what needs to be done without having to suffer for it?

Okay, maybe I should have put a little forethought into it, been wise and used another method to tackle the job. But really! Surely I should be able to enjoy the work without having to suffer for weeks. Sigh……

No, life isn’t fair, but it is blessed. I am blessed; to live in this place, to have gained the wisdom to know there must be a better way if it hurts this much, to have the joy of working outside, to enjoy the provision of flowering plants that will one day be covered with beautiful blooms, to enjoy the love of a wonderful family, to have friends who sick by me in spite of me, to realize I can call on God for help with any need. Life is indeed blessed. May you feel His blessed presence today no matter where you are or what you are doing. God bless!

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