Friday, February 26, 2010

Scattered Petals by: Amanda Cabot

Priscilla is ready for adventure. On her way to Texas with her parents she can’t wait to see the ranch her sister wrote about. She is enchanted by the countryside, what she can see of it through the stagecoach window. But Priscilla has yet to see the barren land Patience talked about. Who would suspect that evil lurks along the beautiful rolling hills?

Zach is comfortable with life. He’s settled in; to his job as ranch manager and his role as a member of the small town of Ladreville. Though far from perfect the towns-people are a good group and Zach enjoys his frequent visits to town.

When tragedy strikes the Morton family a chain of events unfolds that will change lives, challenge faith and bring a hidden past to light. Facing what they must Zach and Priscilla will need more strength than they believe they have. They’ve always known that with God all things are possible. Now they will find out if that is true.

Amanda Cabot has written another fast moving story. The characters lives will grip your heart and have you turning pages quickly to find out if they can make it. With Ms. Cabot’s gifted use of descriptive prose beautiful Texas hill country unfolds. She’s given us a community of characters who challenge us to look at the way we view others. Many thanks, Amanda Cabot, for this compelling story of God’s sustaining grace.

Scattered Petals
By: Amanda Cabot
Published by Revell
ISBN 978-0-8007-3325-4

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