Tuesday, May 4, 2010

To Follow or Not; Choice

Getting back to work brings a great feeling of relief and responsibility. Having been off for a year I felt the frustration of being away from the keyboard and realized there is much more I need to do daily. That realization brought with it the knowledge that I should begin with formulating a schedule and a list of things I need to do around the house. My sabbatical meant that I had to focus on other things. There were days when all I could accomplish was; get out of bed, check email, eat breakfast and escape into a book or movie.

Now that I am almost back to normal I realize what we went through was nothing compared to what it would have been if I had not listened to God. There were times though when I thought I had been mistaken in hearing God tell me to take time off.

I’ve always trusted that voice, well, almost always. There have been times when I didn’t listen and I suffered for it. I guess those times have taught me to listen closely and pray hard when I believe He is instructing me to do something.

Feeling the stress of my dear husband’s depression and withdrawal from life. I was really ready for a break. So at times I thought maybe I just wanted a break and had convinced myself that God had told me to do this. I prayed whenever those doubts came and every time God gave me His peace that it was His instruction I was following.

After obeying, then going through some of the hardest months in my life so far, I realized, had I not obeyed I could have lost my marriage, my health and my faith. God is faithful. He will always tell me when I need to do something and His Spirit will always quicken mine when He speaks. It is my choice to follow, prayerfully.

Thank you, Father, for being faithful to call me, for your instruction, protection and direction in my life. I pray that I will always be faithful to You and that all I do will bring You glory, in Jesus name, amen.


Cathy said...

If only everyone would listen to that small still voice, but we seem to depend to much on ourselves. I know I've had to slow down so I can listen, and find where I messed up. I'm so glad God loves me even when I make mistakes. your sis Cathy

Mary said...

Thank you, Sis!! It is my hope to encourage others through my blog. It needs a lot of work but hopefully God will use it as it is for now. I am glad God loves me in spite of my mistakes too. I'm also glad that I learned a few years ago that God doesn't expect me to be perfect. Just obedient. But I sure need His help in that area. :-) Love you!