Saturday, May 30, 2009

Review of Brandilyn Collins' New Release!


I relate, in a way, to Kaycee. I’m afraid of the dark. Well, not the dark exactly, all the things darkness can hide.

Brandilyn Collins has written a story that forces her characters to face their phobias. Apprehension grips the reader as Kaycee tries to find out who is behind the mysterious messages and how they were able to get in through locked doors.

Exposure will have you reading as quickly as you can to find the truth. And what happened to Martin Giordano’s family?

Mystery, gripping, compelling flows from chapter to chapter demanding answers. Suspense keeps you reading, with a determination to discover the facts as you watch Officer Mark Burnett put aside his preconceived assumptions to solve two cases. Are they related?

A must read. Ms. Collins encourages us to remember that God is always there, quietly waiting. He is the answer to all things. Thank you, Brandilyn Collins for challenging us to step out and trust God even in the midst of fear.

By: Brandilyn Collins
ISBN 978-0-310-27643-2

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