Monday, June 29, 2009


First; Thank You! to everyone involved in working to keep us free!! May God bless, guide and protect you.

With all that is going on in the world, do you ever wish you could do more?

Our God has the power to intervene, He knows what is happening and where, and He is waiting for us to join Him in the battle. Eph. 6:12 says "our battle/struggle is not against flesh and blood but against... spiritual forces…."

We cannot understand all that goes on around us. Frank Perreti’s books “This Present Darkness” & “Piercing the Darkness” give just a little insight into what goes on in the spiritual realm while we humans walk through life oblivious. It also gives insight into the power of prayer.

You can become a mighty warrior through praying for God’s intervention in these evil times. You can pray for protection, discernment, wisdom and direction for the people involved in our armed forces, intelligence agencies, government, etc…

There is more happening in this world than we will ever know, but God knows and has a plan for every situation. He will use it all for His good and perfect will. Yes, He will even use the evil in this world for His purpose. God knows what is happening but as His word says …”You have not because you do not ask.” Or…” you receive not because you ask amiss” (with wrong motives)… James 4:2&3.

Pray without ceasing;
For God’s will in this world,
For America, forgiveness for our sin, restoration and healing that we may become again “One Nation Under God”, truly Trusting in God alone.
For All branches of Armed Service, from acquisitions, laundry, & kitchen to mechanics, foot soldiers, airmen, sailors, seals, recognizance, intelligence, etc…. Pray for their salvation, protection, discernment, wisdom, guidance, health….
For the Families of servicemen & women, that God would give them peace, strength, calm their hearts, enable them to work without being held captive by fear, blessing for their sacrifice, health and salvation…
For Our government, from the President and his family all the way down to our city governments. That they would be steered towards making decisions that follow God’s will for our nation, state, county, parish, city, town and every home for His glory. That God would guide their thoughts and desires to bring about His will in our country and that He would save those who do not know Him.
For your families; for protection, guidance, discernment, wisdom, health….
For Other countries, that God would save them, use them for His glory…..

We may never know what our prayers accomplish on this earth, but it is important to keep praying, until the Lord calls us home. Let nothing keep you from your appointed task. God works through prayer and prayer warriors are always needed.

May God bless you as you work for Him, and may all be for His glory. In Jesus name I pray, amen & amen!


Amy Deardon said...

Mary, thank you for a beautiful post and a timely reminder. You're right! I'll keep on praying...

Mary said...

Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you for sharing your comment with me. That is a great encouragement. God bless.