Friday, April 3, 2009


I am convinced that waiting is the hardest thing we do in this world. When we are little we can’t wait to grow up. In school we can’t wait to graduate. We can’t wait to marry our true love, can’t wait to buy our first car, can’t wait to succeed in our chosen careers, can't wait to start a family, buy a house, etc….

What are you doing with yourself while you wait?

Are you growing in God? Are you serving? Worshiping? Are you persevering and holding fast to the hope He has given you?

I love the song, “I Am Waiting For You Lord”, it reminds me to keep myself busy, accountable to the Lord and serving while I wait for the next step or the next phase of my life to unfold.

I should be good at waiting, by now. I had to wait for my Sweetheart to come home from Germany so we could get married. Then I had to wait a year before we could return to the U. S. Having children was postponed by a miscarriage. A year later our oldest son was born. Then again, I miscarried, and we waited another year before our youngest was born.

Now I wait to be published, wait for an agent to choose me, wait for God to tell me and my siblings what is best for our parents…. While I wait, I serve; I write, sing in choir, work to encourage others and pray daily for family, friends and fellow authors.

I am convinced that God’s faithful presence will guide me. And I am convinced that His love will carry me through the hours, days, weeks or years of waiting until His will is accomplished in my life.

Praising Him I pray that you will be blessed today, while you wait.


Moonine Sue Watson said...

I just finished Beth Moore's study on Esther. One of the main points was Esther had to wait for just the right moment to reveal to Xerxes that she was a Hebrew and would be killed as part of Haman's edict. The lesson talked a lot about the "right" time.
Yours was an interesting article about waiting.

Mary said...


Thank you for your kind thoughts. I'm glad you found it interesting.
Esther is one of my favorite books in the Bible. His timing is always right.