Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Director's Cut

The Director’s Cut is an entertaining story about a girl who grew up in Los Angeles, California. Tia is determined to make it in television but behind the cameras. Her vantage point gives her an interesting view of the chaos on the set and behind the scenes. She has an eye for what works and an instinct she’s learning to trust. But how far does one go with instinct when it comes to following God’s will?

Ms. Thompson writes a story filled with comedy, family and chaos with a few questions thrown in for good measure. This story will have you reading quickly to get to the next scene. A delightful story it will have you wondering, about your own life and the scenes that could have gone better if left to The One who knows what should come next.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading Ms. Thompson’s story and eagerly pass it on to friends and family as I have.

The Director’s Cut
By: Janice Thompson
Revell Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-8007-3347-6

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