Thursday, September 17, 2009

Interrupted Living

How many of you have had your life and expectations interrupted with something difficult? Something that grew you in ways you never dreamed?

The past nine weeks have been difficult. That my brother-in-law came to live with us is a good thing in many ways. Our hopes that he would be able to get a good job and get on his feet have been postponed by his health problems. Life has veered onto a path strewn with traffic, waiting rooms, exam rooms, strangers and experiences.

This will be a very hard journey. One that is already challenging us, stretching us, making us give up pre-conceived ideas and give ourselves to God’s will. Giving up what we want, what we expect, for His will is a good thing though it is hard to do sometimes.

Life has changed in a way I would never have dreamed. It isn’t easy, in the best of circumstances, having someone living with you indefinitely. But to have to let go of schedules, habits and hopes hurts.

I can see where God is growing me and making me more what He wants. Having to give up things I like is no fun but it is more important that I am in God’s will. That I continue to grow in Him and I can see that this season of my life will be one I look back on with fondness and gratitude to our Lord.

For, He is faithful in all things! Praise God that He is faithful, that He knows what is ahead and has already prepared the pathway. And that He is walking with us through it all.

I would enjoy reading some of your experiences, if you care to share. May our Lord, our Faithful Father be glorified in all things and may each of you feel His blessing today.

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