Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Paper Roses

It is true that pain can cause us to turn from God, but we can’t hide from Him no matter how far we run. The main characters in Paper Roses are about to find this out.

Sarah, filled with hatred, is running from pain, loss and ridicule. She has taken her little sister with her to start a new life with the man of her dreams. Upon her arrival she is met by more change, perhaps more than she can handle.

Clay is ready to run back to the city but first he must fulfill his responsibility to his brother’s bride. He must see her safely onto the stage back east so he can concentrate on finding the man responsible for his brother’s death, then he’ll leave this God forsaken place. Clay hides behind anger, but will that anger keep him from the love that is waiting?

Can these two lost souls find God’s will in their lives before anger consumes them? Will Sarah be able to keep her secret and make a home in this small town for her little sister?

Amanda Cabot has written an inspiring story, truly a page turner. I enjoyed it fully and though I intend to pass the book along to family I will put it on my shelves as soon as it returns. Great job, Ms. Cabot.

Paper Roses
By: Amanda Cabot
Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group)
ISBN # 978-0-8007-3324-7

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