Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Asking For God's Blessing

My family is such a blessing. Having children changed my life in ways I could never have dreamed. Now that they are grown, with lives of their own, I want so much to be always there for them.

If I feel this way about my family, how much more must our Lord, our Heavenly Father, feel like that about us. He desires, deeply, that we call on Him when we have troubles. But we want, like children, to do it ourselves. How often do we cheat ourselves out of the blessings God has waiting for us?

I am determined to, from this day on, ask Him for my needs, wants and tell Him my deepest dreams and wishes. Only He can make things happen in the way that will fit His plan for me. Everything else He will enable me to let go of. I am so glad that I have realized this, finally.

No wishing I’d known it sooner; I wouldn’t have been ready. No regretting the long wait and advanced years. I am who I am through Him and I know that the years ahead will be richer and fuller because of a closer relationship to Him and a willingness to ask Him for all my needs and desires. I trust that He will design my days with His plan and His glory in mind.

I will always want and try to be there for my children and my sweet husband, but I will trust them to God’s hands more. I will continue to pray for them daily as I always have and I know that life couldn’t be any better, than it is with our Lord.

Thank You, Lord!

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