Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Review of "Special Delivery" by: Kathi Macias

Special Delivery by: Kathi Macias is a tale of redeeming love through the violence and terror of sexual slavery. Girls and young women who’ve been stolen from their homes or sold by their own families suffer the horrors of back street bordellos. Mara has been rescued from such a situation but is hated by her Uncle who kept her prisoner for years. Now, in prison himself, he would like nothing more than to see his niece suffer.

Jonathan and Leah are working on their schooling. Jonathan attends Bible College and Leah has hopes of attending the same college after graduation. They’ve helped and prayed for Mara, wondering what happened to the beautiful young woman. As their paths cross again none has any idea of the dangers to come.

Ms. Macias weaves a story which could have been torn from the pages of newspapers around the world. Threading the horrors of sexual slavery with the love of a God who seeks those who may choose to trust Him, Ms. Macias does an admirable job with a difficult subject. A book to read, discuss and share I recommend Special Delivery.

Special Delivery
By: Kathi Macias
New Hope Publishing
ISBN # 10: 1-59669- 307-X
ISBN # 13: 978-1-59669-307-4
Reviewed by: Mary Bell-Foster

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Kathi Macias said...

Thank you so much for the excellent review of Special Delivery and for helping spread the word about the terrible crime of human trafficking. Together we can make a difference. Abolition!