Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Other Gift

The Holidays, The Season, Christmas. No matter what you call it the feelings it brings are many and so varied a book couldn’t hold them all. We cherish so these days of celebration; sending cards to loved ones, family and friends, practicing for weeks with the church choir for a special presentation of worship in song, baking and making things ahead of time so we will be ready, decorating and making our homes look festive, getting surprises together and hiding them until the day nears, keeping our little secrets and hugging close the feeling that this year we will really surprise our loved ones.

All these things go together to make the Christmas season the most celebrated on earth. Done so that we can in some way let our Lord know what His birth means to us. That His birth in the stable, His coming to earth is remembered and celebrated with thankful hearts and joyful spirits.

We are eager to treat each other with kindness during these weeks. We work, shop and practice, cook and help others until we are on the point of exhaustion, for Him. And yet the other gift He gives us every year is overlooked by most of us. This gift, this celebration of love.

What is the other gift, you ask? The gift of family. One of the best parts of the holiday is gathering with friends and family to celebrate. We give gifts, bake special treats to share, dress up and make time for each other. What a wonder I didn’t realize it before. This wonderful gift, is because of Him.

He came to earth, a babe in a manger, in order to save us from sin but in doing that He gave us this chance to celebrate Him and in the celebrating He gives us each other; a closeness to family and friends, clarity of mind, fullness of spirit and a joy that overwhelms. How blessed we are to know Him, to have the gift of Salvation brought by Him and to have this other gift, one of celebrating with each other.

May you enjoy “The Gift” this Christmas and may you praise Him for it.

Have a wonderful, beautiful, joyful, love filled Christmas!


Marian Merritt said...

Hello Dear Friend,

I hope your Christmas was filled with all the special "gifts" God has blessed you with.

Take care and I wish a prosperous and blessed New Year!

Mary said...

Dearest Marian,

Our Christmas was so blessed. Thank you. And yes I am blessed with many of God's precious gifts, family and friends being uppermost.

God bless!!
Love, Mary